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Depression and anxiety

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I have suffered for anxiety for as long as I can remember. I have been diagnosed with major depressive disorder several years ago. Now that I am currently pregnant, I have had to go off many of my medications that kept me at bay for years. So right now I am struggling to learn other ways to deal with my anxiety and depression. Reaching out here is one.

Some days are better than others. Today I feel hopeless and overwhelmed with life all at the same time. I feel a lot of fear today, and I’m not sure why.

Open to any support. Thanks :)

19 Replies
Lindsey14 profile image

Im not sure how I can help, but im more than happy to talk whenever😊

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julias8806 in reply to Lindsey14

I’m not sure how anyone can help either, but I figured reaching out was the first step in the right direction.

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Lindsey14 in reply to julias8806

It definitely is, like i said if you ever just need to chat, im all ears❤

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tonalchemy in reply to julias8806

Yes, that is my hope as well, to reach out. I was already very isolated before the covid outbreak, but now I think I can feel lots of other people feeling that isolation, and my body reacts almost wildly to all of the anxiety in the air! I feel others' feelings to an extent, like an empath but not all of the time (phew). Just hanging on here, too, myself. It's as if I can feel the fear and anxiety in the air. Oh, I said that already. Sorry.

I would really like some sort of feedback or OMG yes! or something. May you be happy.

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I remember feeling that way thru all 4 of my pregnancies. I was taken off all my meds I felt so much fear. I got back on meds but I've had to stop. I was getting bad mental reactions. As we speak I'm trying to get over the after affect of my panic attack. I'm doing the breathing. But I think what helped me thru my anxiety while prego was just talking to my belly and rubbing it and just thinking about all the good things that where to come after I have the baby. I hope you find peace and hey you want to chat I'm here. Smile

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julias8806 in reply to Espinoza38

Thank you, that did make me smile. I just have fear that I’m going to be this way when she is born and I’ll be a terrible mother. Thank you for the support

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Espinoza38 in reply to julias8806

You will not be a bad mother. You will be an awesome mommy. And every mom has anxiety after their baby is born. I know I had them bad but it's nothing you cant control. Everything will be ok. Watch. So is this your first baby? I have 4 plus 2 grandchildren

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julias8806 in reply to Espinoza38

Yes this is my first. I am 27 weeks and not only am I mentally uncomfortable, I can’t find an physical comfort either. I just feel like a huge mess

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Espinoza38 in reply to julias8806

Well its understandable to feel that way. Especially with your first one. Boy was I a mess with my first one, especially because no one knew I was preagnant. I hid her from everyone. So you can imagine the anxiety and panic I felt those whole 9 mths. I really was a mess bug time, then after I had her I had to stay with her dad my parents disowned me. I was depressed and anxious the only thing that brought happiness was my daughter. God was I a mess lol. But I got thru it and now I'm a mess again lol. I'm no help huh.

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julias8806 in reply to Espinoza38

No it definitely helps to know the way I’m feeling has some normalcy behind it. Right now I’m just in constant fear that nothing will get better. Im scared of postpartum. I just can’t live in the moment and it sucks

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Espinoza38 in reply to julias8806

I feel like that at times. Like you just can't live in the moment like you just can't enjoy what's going on. But you can just try and enjoy it even if it's for a few minutes at a time. And when you feel down just remember how happy you where a few minutes ago. That's what i try and do every day. Even tho i get crapy like I did today I still try my best.

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I find doing self care helps & keeping myself busy also helps and taking mental health days to just focus on helping yourself and look up some positive affirmations on Pinterest and mindfulness could also help you!

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Go through my post on meditation. If u dont find , I will repost. You can take Ayurvedic herbs Jatamansi and Shankhpushpi powder with honey at night time for better sleep. You can also add tagara from Himalaya ayurvedic pharma at night time. Add spinach cauliflower cabbage and walnuts in your daily diet. Do exercise as u can. Try not to be alone and be among people unless you want to meditate. Add multi vitamin supplements and levokarnitine supplement.

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julias8806, first of all I commend you for stepping out of your comfort zone. You are in a very difficult place. Anxiety and depression are tough battles to fight, but not impossible. You sound like a very strong lady and I believe in you. Take it one step at a time; moment by moment sometimes. I know you can do it. Keep your focus on your precious baby and let him/her be your drive throughout your pregnancy. You are going to be a great mother! Congratulations!!

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Hi julias8806,

I don't know the state of your pregnancy but when for some reason I cannot take my meds, working out makes me feel slightly better.

Please feel free to talk anytime.

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Have you ever thought about trying acupuncture? A friend of mine had the same problem and had to stop her medication. It took a little while but after going once a week her depression and anxiety lessened. Now that she can go back on her medications, she has chosen not to. She will go back to get a "tune-up" every so often now when she feels herself slipping. Hope this helps.

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I feel you, I was never on any medication but I know its tough getting through it all. When you feel the worst, take yourself to a happy place... if that makes sense. Go back and think of a moment you remember smiling or laughing. Ive learned that sometimes taking a walk can help ease my anxiety, put my headphones on, blast some good music, and walk. Its hard t first to turn off your mind, but it can be something you learn to do overtime.

Best of Luck...

PeaceArie profile image

Hi Julias,

i can feel your pain, i also suffer from anxiety and depression. I want to tell you stay strong and you will do it. It is not easy at all to have a baby and have those ideas in the same time.

Make Yoga, write down your thoughts. Watch something that makes you laugh on your day. at the end we are all on the same boat that is life and it's a battle we all have to face.

take care and loving warm huggs.

peace aries

StephanieH87 profile image

If you ever need someone to talk to, feel free to hit me up! I also struggle with anxiety and depression and have had a hard time.

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