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I have been trying so hard to get myself out there more- - like goin driving, really dedicating time to get a job, try to be social again, etc. when I’m out the majority of the time I feel good, driving and listening to music to distract any negative thoughts that want to come in.

Sometimes though I’ll be driving, or in a store, or just anywhere and I’ll have this hit of the weirdest feeling ever, like I’m there but not really there. Depersonalization I hear is what it’s called. Then, ofcourse that gets me a little anxious and I worry that I’ll never feel completely “normal” again.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this? If so what have been your tips and tricks to get through those moments and not allow them to set me back.

TIA! ❤️

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Yes!!!!! This happens to me occasionally, but I'm not certain if or when the correct term is "depersonalization" or "derealization." I looked up both a few days ago & compared them... I think i have more derealization... In any case I don't want you to feel alone. I know it's a bizarre feeling (I also wonder if you get deja vu or jamais vu?) <3 :) x

I may be wrong about this, but to me those sensations are just a milder version of a panic attack. They are like aftershocks after the big earthquake.

In my opinion, panic attacks are a kind of trauma to the nervous system. You've heard how combat veterans get "flashbacks" months or years after the actual combat. To me, those "unreal" feelings are milder flashbacks of the panic trauma that was suffered in the past. You can call them depersonalization events, but that just makes things harder to understand. I think they are anxiety events instead - just a milder form.

I want to make clear that I am NOT a medical professional. These are just my opinions from going through these things myself.

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