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Depersonalization is making me feel crazy!

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Hello, I’m new here and just about 4 moths ago I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression. Well ever since I got told those words I feel like I just overthought about it every day and it got more and more severe. To the point where I experience depersonalization.. it feels horrible I feel like I’m “not really here” most of the time. 😞I have a 3 year old who I love so much and I can’t be like this anymore. He needs his mother to be healthy.. it’s just so hard to function.. AND to top it

Off I’ve been living with my in-laws for the past 2 years and they are a bit controlling.. which doesn’t help. I just want someone to tell me this isn’t forever and you can overcome it because there are days where I just can’t anymore 🤕

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I'm living with in-laws too with husband and daughter. It sucks. I can relate.

My psychiatrist showed me the cycle that occurred last time I had depression and this time is almost the same. He reassured me this too will pass. I have a hard time believing it. He said absorb my confidence in you that this will get better. I find medicine, cognitive therapy and lots of YouTube mindfulness meditations are helpful to bring me some relief. Also just came across Thich Nhat Hanh and have found his voice soothing and his words and guidance helpful. I hope you find some tools that will help you through this time.

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Thank you so much!

Hi, yes depersonalisation is horrible,unless... You look at it slightly differently. When your body is tired, the advice is to rest, to slow it right down. When we are exhausted from working hard, the advice is to take a holiday or a break. Yet, when our mind is tired, we ignore it. Well, it goes right ahead and does it anyway. It screams and yells, it panics and it eventually takes itself off on a break. It says if you aren't going to look after me I'm going to take a hike!

It leaves the room and leaves you standing there! You can gently calm this by grounding yourself. By the way, it may feel unpleasant but it is not going to harm you. Just as a panic attack is an amazing demonstration of the lengths your body will go to in order to protect you from harm, depersonalisation is another survival strategy. When you feel this way, don't be afraid, you are in good working order. Look calmly around you and name five things that you can see, one at a time. Name what it is, what it is for, what colour it is, what it is beside etc... Don't rush, take your time. This will focus your mind gently on reality. Do it until you feel back in the room. You can say things out loud or in your head. Take from it that you may want to look at how you look after you. Make sure you rest when you can, that you are hydrated and most of all... Try not to feel afraid of what are really mechanisms to keep us safe. Xx

Thank you for this!!!🙏🏽

I freak out and want to panic when I feel it, i have to pinch myself most of the time to make me feel less numb. I find myself feeling it most of the day and it sucks. Today I actually got hired as a caregiver and I cried about it because I feel like god has big plans and new doors opening for

Me. Like I’m going to turn a page In my life that I have been asking for.

Please don't freak out, you are doing fine. Ouch! Pinching hurts lol. You really are there and it is something that you can manage. Try the grounding technique, it may help. How fantastic that you have a new job! A caregiver, wow, just remember to be that for you too. You will be so busy caring for others. Take time for you too. Xx

Same thing I believe I’m going I hope you get better I know this really sucks

I feel like I’m going through this too and I’m not even sure when it started! Because I received an official diagnosis just two weeks ago and had a bad panic attack 3 weeks ago which caused me to seek help. I think it happened at the moment of the panic attack 😦. I hope it gets better for both of us. I want to be a mom someday but I have to be ok first.

Anyone can worry to the point of insanity. Dont do that to yourself. Anxiety and depression are both cureable so dont beat yourself up over it. There are many different ways people cope. Yoga and meditation always helped me. Exercise like walking boosts the mood naturally.

If anxiety & depression get in your way of your daily life consult with a therapist. Theres no shame in it.

Hey cheer up! Don’t be sad, easier said than done right? But really it will go away, you won’t have it forever! I used to have it very bad and it went away when I stopped paying so much attention to it. Yes I still get it once in a great while but it passes and I don’t let it bother me, it’s just the body’s way of telling you that you’re experiencing a lot of stress and it wants out kinda thing! I don’t know if that made any sense but I hope it made a little bit lol! You’re so strong, hang in there! Prayers for you xx

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