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New relationship advice plz!

So I’ve recently started dating a guy from my past, we dated about a year ago. So it’s not necessarily a brand new relationship, cause we do know a lot about each other. I have one crippling fear though! A year ago when we were together I was in a completely (and better) place in my life- - my anxiety/depression was pretty much none existent, and the conversation never really came up with him.

So now I am getting over a really hard time in my life, my anxiety has been crippling (just recently like the past couple months I’ve been getting some relief), and I do not want to use my “issues” as an excuse to not try things with him.

My questions is should I have a conversation with him about what I’m going through, and how?!

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Hiya! :) Well....it can be tricky. On the one hand, you want to be honest and open with him. On the other, you don't want to be afraid of scaring him off. If I were in the position of the boyfriend, then I would like to know. Communication can sometimes be the difference of whether a relationship actually lives or dies. If you don't tell him and he gets caught in a situation where something triggers you and you spiral, then he might get terrified. If you're honest to him about the situation from the start, then that can be a bridge to not only understanding, but deep respect and affection. Now, how you tell him depends on how comfortable you are talking about it. Not everyone is comfortable talking about what they've gone through, even with people who you're really close with. If it were me, maybe telling me in stages would help. Reveal some of what you've gone through over the course of time. Guys can tend to feel overwhelmed if they're hit with something all at once. It can be difficult to process. But if you reveal a part of your story a piece at a time, that could help. Also, if he's got questions (and I'm pretty sure he will), don't be afraid to answer them. He may not fully understand what you went through, but you can give a pretty close description. Openness and communication are vital! If he really cares about you, he'll do everything he can to help you feel safe and respected. Hope that helps :)

Not a relationship expert, I just play one on TV,

Brian :)


If you two are going out for any length of time, your issues are going to come up sooner or later. As a man, I would like to know sooner. If you wait a very long time to do it, he might wonder what else you're not telling him.

That's my two cents.


I am wondering what you mean by try things with him.


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