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Hi I’m new- looking for advice

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Hi I’m new,unsure how this works so please bare with me- I’ve struggled in the past with depression about 10yrs ago,but that was due to marriage breakdown.but since last year I’ve started to feel the same but I am getting a lot of panic attacks.i have been to go who has done tests etc everything come back clear. I’ve tried about 6different medications and they either don’t work for me or I’m too sensitive to the side effects. Therefore they have said nothing else I can try. I’m trying to source counselling but will have to find myself.. I feel in a rut which I can’t get out of and is hard to explain how and why I am feeling this way! I’m really worrying about my job and wether I am going to lose my job due to time off. My life is good,have a loving partner no kids as yet. I don’t understand why I feel like this. My partner thinks it’s him but that is so far from the truth.

I do suffer with chronic migraines and have fertility issues so I don’t know if that’s effecting my thoughts too. I’d be grateful if anyone has any advice.thankyou

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Hi, I'm Skylar but you can call me Sky. On here, all you do is talk and we try to help. I love this site, it has helped me so much. (You could look at my profile to get an idea of how it works if you wanted) But anyways I understand how you feel. I have server depression and minor anxiety. I don't think I have panic attacks but I'm not 100% sure what they are. Don't worry about you job, just take it day by day. I know its hard cause all I do is think 'what if' for the future. I really can't give you much advice at the moment cause I'm going through a loss and my brain is all jumbled up but I hope everything gets better for you. :)


I’m so sorry for your loss,thank you so much for your message:)

Your welcome

Have you tried mindfulness meditation?

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Umm I’m unsure,I’ve had various apps but no support groups or anything round here

Hi Amanda,

I don't suffer from anxiety but I have gone through several boughts of depression. While medication did help me, I know that counseling helped me the most so if you can find a therapist/counselor as soon as possible to help you work through things I would bet that will help you begin to feel a little better. As to the meds, since so far none have worked has your doctor suggested doing the GeneSite test? It can show what meds should work based on your DNA/Metabolism, etc. Chronic migraines can definitely impact your emotions and brain chemistry which can lead to the depression and anxiety also - have you found anything to help you deal with the migraines? Some of the mindfulness videos you can find on youtube are also really good. And, talking here can also really help since so many of us can understand where you are...been there done that kind of thing....

Thank you so much for your message,really appreciate your advice :)

Hey Amanda! I too went downhill after my marriage and then I guess I got a little better. But ANXIETY omg where did it come from? It’s the biggest struggle these days. I’m on Clonopin and it helps. It’s good you’re working. I haven’t been able to work in a long time. Maybe a new challenge at work? I wish I had great advice for you. I really just want you to know that you’re not alone! This anxiety crisis is hell. But we have each other to talk to. That’s why I love this site. X

Thank you yeah I’m glad I signed up to it.be nice to make some friends .nice to know I’m not the only one feeling like this 🙂

It’s like our own little world here where there’s no judgement; you’ll find so many people relate even to the oddest things, so share anything! People care on this site. Helping others also makes us feel good. You never know who you might be helping when you post something. Private messages are great too. It’s an excellent way to make friends and talk about deeper things. I’m here if you ever want to talk 💜

Aww bless ya thank you very much. Me too if you ever need to talk to someone 😃

oh goodness girlfriend, I can so understand, some of your post sounds like mine. I had a tragic marriage that lasted 21 years, a lot of abuse. I became a single mom of seven, but by the time of the break up I was a mess and went on zoloft because I could not cope with life at the time. I was on it for 15 years while I raised my five girls. Recently I weaned off it thinking that my now good relationship and situation would allow me to heal and move on., when things got bad I thought maybe menopause or thyroid problems, both i am having, but now I am seeing that it is unresolved things I kept deep down inside and never dealt with while I was on the zoloft. I too am sensitive to medication so I was not even going to go on that roller coaster again . I do not think I have to, its been a year, with counseling, my faith I have learned it is a transition, and a Journey...one step at a time. It is scary and hard, but my boyfriend reminds me from time to time how much I have grown.

Thank you,I’m glad you’re feeling better and learning to control your anxiety. I have counselling booked for next week so hoping this will help me as I can’t have any meds either. The docs just signed me off work for 4 weeks which I have to say I’m worried about. Hate letting people down.

There is a balance. You have to care for you, but it helps to be there for others. Take this time to rest, Journal, go for walks, listen to inspirational talks. I work one a week at the local food bank to keep myself socialized, bible study and choir on Wednesdays and church.

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