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Rejection will likely lead me to suicide


I've always been rejected, romantically. I think I always will be. Yes, I have a therapist, yes, I'm working on it. What if this part of life is never going to happen for me, and it's something I truly want? I don't completely hate myself... there are things I like about myself, but if they're only ever for me, and no one else sees those things and loves me for them, what's the point? Can I really be alone, as a person who actually wants an intimate connection with someone, and in a world where plenty of other people get to have that, and be happy?

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Your not alone. I’m a single parent always choosing the wrong people who say they love me and care about me but in the end I’m left feeling alone. I put up with being disrespected for that connection but it’s just not real any way. Me hating my self plays a big part. I try to think of how big the world is and how many people are in it, there’s someone for everyone just don’t give up.

You are basing your future happiness - and existence - on something over which you have absolutely no control. Everyone has needs and desires, but they can only do so much to achieve them. You can't "make" anyone like you, let alone love you.

Your life has just as much value as all the others that you're assuming are "happy". Sure, rejection hurts. It hurts a lot! It's just part of life on this planet. And when you're dating someone, it's foolish to think that all your problems will vanish. Just reread ImLost3's post for proof of that!

I would say the "point" (to answer your question) is that you have a lot of good qualities to offer the world, and you've been given the gift of life to actually do it.

I was once told we attract people to us to at what ever level of 'healthy' we are at the time. I thought about that looking back at past relationships and's true. When I was very young...I got into relationships for the wrong reasons, to have a little older and got into the next one for frankly 'lust', yeah I know shallow but I learned, the third for the mutual admiration that I had for my partner, I was a ceramic artist and they were a French water color artist, and passionate about their work as an artist....but....C'est la vie. Then I finally got it...I knew I had to add them all up and what do you get from life's lessons learned learn what you do and don't want in a relationship. So...I stopped looking, or expecting, and really just started living my life to make me happy...I was okay, I did what I wanted to and when I wanted to...and the happiness was the key. When your sad, and lonely, it shows, when your happy it shows....I am now and have been in a relationship with exactly the person I want to be with an truly love....oh we have our disagreements and pout and spout about where something in the garden is going, but in the end...we always say what's really important, Love.

Many of us here are wounded souls whose wounds are open and we easily hurt, many of us carry scares inside which cannot be seen, but they are equally as painful. A lot of us are adult children made to grow up and see too much before we should have. Many are survivors of abuse in all forms. We do find it hard to socialize when we are in pain. It's about healing, nurturing, compassion, and we can all do that here for each other. But ultimately we are the ones who have to make those choices, to learn to heal, to learn to change, to learn to love our body's, minds, and know that the lies we were told by those sick souls, are on them.

We all are lovable, deserve to be loved and eventually when the time is right ...we will find love.

I thought my life was over at 58yrs. of age...was 2 1/2 yrs into recovering from a 15yr. marriage to a narc. I thought: *Who would love this old woman, Rubenesque in figure now, hair braid with gray and white streaks. I'm pleasant looking but basically plain with kind eyes.

I learned to be okay with myself just as I was, I was all good, I was a good person, I had heart...and I liked to help people too..

And along came my soul mate, never believed in that crap.just a fairytale...but there they were, as if we knew each other in another time and's been over 6 years now...

It happens if you let it happen, I wasn't looking believe never give up hope......

You can be happy whatever that means for you as a single person as well. Sure rejection hurts whatever level it is whether it is a career, or people in general. What about also valuing the company of animals? They love no matter what!

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