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Hello.. I’m new here and very nervous about this. I have chronic depression with a side of anxiety. I’ve had relationship issues my whole life, with boyfriends and my mom.. I am stuck in my head and can usually redirect myself but lately it’s just blah. I don’t see a therapist but my doctor said maybe I should if I’m comfortable with that. Being depressed with anxiety is like a double dose of scared kitten. I am afraid to leave my house to get groceries lol... I try to tell myself it’s ok but please help me! I need groceries and a life. I need a push.

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I know what your going through and it’s tough. I was so hard on myself for not pushing on and just going out for groceries etc. but it’s so hard when you are in that situation. My advice don’t force yourself to do anything but have a small goal each day. It could be just to do 20 minutes yoga or a walk around the block. Something very small. Don’t beat yourself up for not doing more

Thank you both! I appreciate it. I work from home so I think that makes me feel even more nervous to go out . As long as my boyfriend is with me I’m totally fine. I was never like this either until about three years ago. Kinda weird. But it’s nice to know I can talk on here and get good feedback! I’ve been back and forth about counseling and not sure why. Like you said, I can leave if I don’t like it.

Hi Lily, welcome, I think you'll like this site because you can speak your mind and get some helpful information. Anxiety is the hardest thing I've ever had to deal with. Maybe having it the rest of my LIFE??? Wish you the best


Hello, so sorry to hear that, as you put it, things are just 'blah' at the moment. That's as good a description of the effects of depression as any. I think therapy/counselling is worth a try, because maybe it will help you articulate some of the issues you are struggling with and, also, get them out into the open, so you can see exactly what you are dealing with. Also, maybe it will give you a different perspective on you. It's funny how sometimes we see ourselves totally differently to how others see us. Sometimes it's true we can't see the wood for the trees and someone else needs to show us the way. Take care,

How does every journey begin? One step atta time...Is it a linear



is the very nature of change 2 steps forward and 3 back...5 steps forward and 2



day finding strength and a renewed vision of your authentic



is joy in the mountain tops as well as the deepest darkest



is overseen by our Abba Father who rejoices over us with such reckless abandon<3

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