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Hi there! I’m new to this group and wanted to introduce myself. I am at a difficult time in my life and finding that it’s ok to ask for help. I have always suffered from depression however I thought I was fine. Up until recently I hadn’t had a diagnosis and I spent the last few years living in the throes of this illness and I wasn’t even me anymore. I suffer from Persistent Depressive Disorder with major depression and mild anxiety. I am confronting it head on and doing a lot to be healthier and be better. It’s been a struggle as of late as I’m fighting for myself but also dealing with some major changes in my life. I’m working so hard to be me again and I’m doing a lot better but this illness took a lot from me and I’m facing so many new emotions and experiences. Anyway, I’m happy to be here and look forward to supporting others as well as getting support! Thanks everyone!

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I am here for you as well. If no one has said “I love you” today, please allow me to be the first.

Tanklove in reply to Lakewolf

Awww thank you!

Lakewolf in reply to Tanklove

No need to thank me. It’s who I am. PM me anytime, ok? It may take me a bit to get back to you...but that doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about you and my other family here.

kenster1 in reply to Lakewolf

nice touch like it wolf.

hi and a very warm welcome to you.your sounding like you are being very much positive even through difficult times and that's what we love to hear.im sure you will be an amazing person on here giving and receiving brilliant advice.

Tanklove in reply to kenster1

Thank you so much!

Hello friend, I am sorry to hear about this. Have you sought any spiritual guidance from a local church? I know that people there can pray for you and offer you love and support. I am praying for you to overcome and find joy.

Tanklove in reply to jennicole31

Thank you so very much. I am leaning on God a lot and have been looking into a church near my home. It’s so much going on but I know I’m strong and I will get through these tough times. I am doing a lot to manage my depression and so far so good. Thank you for your prayers, it means a lot to me.

Lakewolf in reply to Tanklove


I am so glad to hear that you know Him! Remember...no matter what, He is always there, ready to listen & help. As it is written,

“I will never leave you, nor forsake you.”

Your Messianic Jewish sister,


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