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First time using this


I am in a very low point. I have mostly managed my issues but had a very bad day Friday and am waiting to see if I have a job. I have always been treated for anxiety, but got diagnosed with deep depression with a new psychiatrist. How do I get through these lonely stressful days?

Thank you for all who have replied. I start a 3-4 week program tomorrow. How do you get rid of all the real world stuff from overwhelming you?

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That sounds quite unpleasant and I’m sorry you have to go through this. Honestly, sometimes days are just so bad that they feel agonizingly slow and they just won’t pass, and sometimes you can’t do anything about it. However, I’ll suggest a few ways to try and help. Usually when I’m having a bad day I try to escape to be able to reboot and think about my day properly, I either talk to somebody, go out for a walk, listen to music (lofi playlists on YouTube make me feel better I can recommend some if you want), or sleep (usually don’t like going for this one but I do if nothing else works). You can also try talking about your worries in this group and people give you encouragement and feedback! You can also look at other posts and try to provide solace for other people which sometimes makes you feel better. After you calmed yourself down, I think you should assess the situation rationally, just detach yourself, you did what you could, and now the decision is in somebody else’s hands. Prepare yourself for the worst but hope for the best. What if worst case scenario, you don’t have a job, prepare a plan B and look for another one. But that isn’t an inevitable outcome but a possible one (don’t confuse the two because sometimes we tend to do that). Worrying won’t do anything but wear you down, it’ll never be your friend or the voice of reason so might as well just listen to what it has to say, give it its time, then shut it down. Of course, all of this is easier said than done, no one expects you to be able to do all of this overnight, but you start by trying and it’ll get better. Drink a warm cup of tea, stay away from coffee right now, sit down, focus on breathing and give yourself some space. It’ll be alright eventually, everything passes and moves forward, it’s the way of life. So just keep calm, befriend yourself and provide comfort for yourself. You are a good person. You did what you could. Anything that will happen you shall take it in stride and move on eventually. I hope I provided some solace.

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Thank you, Rachel. That helps a lot.

A TON of top notch ideas for you to try have already been given. I just wanted to chime in to say welcome, and I'm glad you found your way here, because I believe, while you may have days where you feel like there's a lull here, if you just keep coming around even when that seems to be the case, there will quickly come periods where you find so much helpful information and incredible support, you'll be really grateful you didn't give up.

I only joined a few weeks ago, and that has been my experience so far. I honestly feel I have gotten more help and support here than I have in my entire 49 years prior, and I have worked awful hard to be well for pretty much all of my life.

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Thank you

You may be lonely, but you are not alone. You have us- this community of people who care.

Thank you

I feel for you, it's horrible to feel the panic, hopelessness and isolation that accompanies depression . I have tried to deny I had depression but realise I have to take action and seeing Dr tomorrow to ask for help. I have found this forum a lifesaver at times and hope you do too, they are kind and caring with a wealth of experience that they generously share. Best of luck friend

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Thank you so much

Do you have a support system of friends, family or church? It is sometimes hard to get out of a funk but i have found that exercise and just getting the house and doing something (even if it is just running up to a convenience store and conversing with the workers helps me. Try not to isolate. I found a local anxiety and depression support group and that has been helping me.

I have an amazing family who is fully supportive. Just had a bad moment so I may take your advice. Thank you.

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