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Bad anxiety, I feel so overwhelmed

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I’ve been having bad anxiety since November of 2017. I started getting panic attacks about death and how I won’t be here at all. After that my death thoughts haven’t gone away. I’m frightened that my heart is going to stop and that I’m going to die at any given moment. I went to talk to a therapist for a couple of months and she told me to take lexapro. I am on 10mg. I felt better for a period of time and now I’m at the same place I was. I feel so overwhelmed and depressed, I have no excitement and joy in my life right now.. I am 18 years old and I just want my life back, i feel so hopeless and I’m looking for a cognitive therapist that can maybe help change my thinking. I’m scared of life and everything in it, I’m fearful that I will get a disease, and I’ll die at any given moment.

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You should ask the prescribing doctor but maybe you need an increase in dosage? If it worked for a while then stopped, maybe you need an adjustment? A cognitive therapist is a great idea too. Have you heard of DBT? That could be a helpful type of cognitive therapy, maybe. The best part is you were brave enough to post your experiences here. You can totally do this, girl.

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Thank you so much :) I really appreciate your kind words and advice ❤️

Hi Arsh,

That is really tough, anxiety can be so debilitating eh? Now, it's good that you have some medication even though it may need some adjustment, and that you are looking into that and therapy, but meanwhile there are some things that you can do for yourself that may help a little or at least give you a break from those thoughts now and then. Plus, remember that it is very very unlikely that any of the things you fear are going to happen.

Firstly, keep busy and make sure you exercise - just a little bit a day for starters is fine - little steps. Also plan and create healthy snacks so your mind is occupied in good ways and you are keeping your body healthy. Another thing, drink water and avoid anything with caffeine - tea, coffee, cola - they will increase your anxiety.

There are also breathing exercises you can do to help with anxiety - and mindfulness practices, you can download mindfulness apps onto your phone, they help you to stay focused on the present rather than worrying about what might or might not happen in the future. You have to work at them tho, which again will keep you occupied in a positive way :) You can also find guided meditations on youtube to give you a bit of time out - to help with stress, anxiety, and insomnia. I like the ones on the Meditation Vacation channel, but there are lots of other ones - I think it depends on the kind off voice you like really :)

I hope these are of some help until you get your medication and therapy sorted, and remember, this too shall pass.. All the best and stay in touch for support xx

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I really appreciate your comment, I'm so extremely happy I found this because I don't even know how I would be feeling right now. I exercise daily but sometimes I still get super anxious, I'm sure working out helps me because I would probably be 10 times worse. Thank you I definitely will look into those apps. :)

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Chinnup in reply to Arsh1

Good for you that you're keeping up your exercising despite your anxiety!! Now focus on bringing more positive things into your life - little steps so that you don't feel overwhelmed :) Sometimes it's just a matter of getting a break from your negative thoughts just for a little while - and hopefully over time the breaks will get longer and the thoughts less intrusive so that you'll find yourself enjoying life again :)

Thank you I appreciate the support. I really hope I get my life back, it sucks dealing with anxiety when your worried about every little thing. Especially when some things aren't in my control and I can't do anything about it.

I totally understand what you are going through. I have these same thoughts and feelings.

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Arsh1 in reply to ShyJ

It makes me feel better that I'm not alone in this, sometimes I feel like I am

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ShyJ in reply to Arsh1

I really thought I was alone in this. I see a doctor every other week. It used to be every week, but my work schedule does not allow me to do it anymore. I am happy that I am not alone in this by myself as well.

Hi! I just saw your post from 6 months ago. How are you feeling now ?

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