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Depression and Anxiety

I have been going to the doctor for more than 7 months now, for my stomach, heart etc all test shows that i okay. a GP said i'm having anxiety issues and was given a prescription for Alprazolam (Xanax) that helped me to sleep for a short while. I've headaches to the back of head, sometimes trembling, teeth shivering and trouble sleeping i literally feel i'm losing control sometimes. its so frustrating, its affecting my social life and work. i tried going to a clinic for counselling that just triggers panic attacks. #sigh

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Hi, sounds like you need counselling.

Are you taking any other medication, drugs, alcohol etc?


I'm attending a clinic to get counseling i don't drink, smoke nor am I on drugs or medication. Only meds I'm on is for hypertension.


that's great - do you eat healthily and exercise?

If you answer is yes; it appears that changing doctors and counsellors are you only option.

Unless you want to talk about some of the issues that you have?


I consider myself eating 85% healthy my intake of processed food is next to nil, plus i limit my intake of salt due to high blood pressure. Sometimes I feel like I'm gonna pass out, like today. My head feels funny, my little and ring finger is numb for the pass 3 weeks. Because of all these incoming symptoms I feel helpless. Also, with regards to exercise a do what I can which is not a lot I'm just scared and I think I'm gonna die.


That's very good - processed food is really bad for us - but it's important not to go over-board and spoil yourself sometimes. something sweet or tasty can do much to make you feel better and change your mood. I'm not advocating comfort eating but rather trying to find a balance.

Do you feel that you have a over-exaggerated fear of death? We all know that it is going to happen at some time but its how you live that matters.


I guess I do exaggerate at times, but that's how I feel with this discomfort.


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