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I really need somwhere to reach out. I have been having random panic attacks where I feel like I am going to have a heart attack and die. I don't choose when these panic attacks happen but I get overwhelmed over every last little thing going on and feel like I have no escape to the feeling. Also I am depressed sometimes. There are days where I can't even do my homework or focus at my job because I'm feeling down and alone.

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I am currently receiving no treatment.

If we could choose when and when not to have panic attacks, the world would be better. Unfortunately life isn't like that and often having just one panic attack can trigger others. Panic attack symptoms often mock symptoms of heart attacks or signs of physical activity (like out of breath, heart racing, etc.). It sounds like you at least have an idea of when to expect them (when you are feeling overwhelmed) but is there a certain thing causing them? Knowing what that is can help with treatment.

Meds can help with the anxiety that usually stems from the panic attack (from not knowing when you will have another one). There is not anything that can prevent a panic attack from happening. There are things that you can do to help stop one or make it last for less time. These vary with people though and you will need to experiment with what helps.

Talk therapy and a medicine combo is usually the best treatment for anxiety and depression.

I' m sorry your going through's horrible to feel out of control emotionally. I am glad your here sharing about it...many good and kind people here have lots of information and share their own experiences like you are too. If you read some of the others posts and comments about their life with anxiety, you can maybe learn some coping methods and some ideas how to get through these attacks. Keep sharing, I find it's cathartic and healing to also right about my thoughts and feelings, your not alone.

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