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help for my mother

hi, Im Gen. I have a problem with my 61 yr old mother who happened to witness my father's death 20 years ago, who was stabbed with a long knife by our neighbor. my mother saw it with her naked eyes. my mother also lost 2 sons and daughter while my father was still alive. one of whom was 14 years old who ended his life and got suicide by taking foliar fertilizer. I was high school that time and did not have knowledge about how to handle my mother. It was then i think three years ago that she was so suspicious. she is afraid if she can see my father's relative because she is always thinking , until now that she is blamed and she was the one who killed my father. since three years until today, she can hear voices or whisper (from us as she described but in reality we did not do it ) that she is always blamed by her children. for now, we are four , her children. Sometimes, she skipped meals esp if she can hear negative words in the air. we referred her to psychiatrist but did not work. now i referred her to other doctor but not psychiatrist and she is given anti depressant. i dont know if it works since lately she still hears on ear that she is blamed by us, her children on the death of my father. i really dont know how to handle her. pls help. thanks and God bless

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Hi I am not sure I understand your post. Is it that someone killed your father and your mother thinks you are all blaming her? Why would she think that - I don't get it.

It does sound like your mother is ill though and she does need help. All you can do is encourage and support her all you can and I hope she finds the help she needs. x

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I will agree with the last reply about this post being somewhat unclear.

However, to State the obvious, Auditory and visual hallucinations is psychosis. If that's what's happening mom might need to be hospitalized.

What you have described is severe trauma and if no one else in the family will get help perhaps you should to help you deal with it all. You've described some really crazy stuff, and the reason why there are psychologists and psychiatrists is that really crazy stuff happens to people more than we realize, but when it happens we need help to process it and learn to forgive and live again, which is what life is really all about.


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