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Does my child have an issue

My daughter is 7 and she is great until she gets upset about something. She can go on forever from one incident to another about things that upset her. She gets physical with her sisters at times. She has even threatened to shoot one of them (she didn't have a gun, but she knows there is a hunting rifle stashed bullets in the house). Just tonight she talked about not wanting to be alive. She thinks no one likes her. She has bad dreams. She just thinks bad things are going to happen. There is anxiety in my family and her father's mother has some sort of mental illness. I'm just not sure how to handle this all.

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Momto, have you taken her to a Dr? I wouldn't know what it could be. Temper tantrum ? I would find a child psychiatrist .LD



I'm sorry for your concerns over your daughter.

I would voice them to your dr and see what he or she recommends or thinks.

It's difficult to know with children and I think go to the experts for the help.

I wish you well.




Sorry to hear about your issues with your daughter. My wife and I have issues with my eight year old as well. We have a lot of support from her school which allows her to attend a pier group once a week and also one on one talks with the pier group coordinator. She has what we believe to be adht. She also sees a therapist and attends a pier group outside the school as well. We definitely see the improvement. Their is still a lot of work to be done but she has come a long way. Maybe you could look into these options for your daughter. I hope this has helped.


Hi my doughter was like this BUT she was being abused by my Ex s father.

I would take her to the GPs and find a new hiding place for the fire-arm.

I know what a strain it is to have a child like that-is there anything/one that she could be jelouse of-say to her if you do/dont do such a thing I will give you more cuddles and love.

that worked for me and thats all she wanted was more love and attention-she is 34 now and doesnt want help with the house work. But instead she just wants me to sit with her more for a chat and just chill and watch tv-at her own house

Ver Best wishes :)


you need to probably get her checked into the ER for kids so the doctors can work on her. Rather than wait until she actually carries out any of her threats it is best to get her help asap.


Kids often say drastic things when they need your attention, and rarely follow through. I would suggest you spend some time with her and talk about what is troubling her. Is she having a difficult time making friends, or is someone bullying her? How does she get on with her sisters usually? Are they more verbal than she, and she gets frustrated? How is she sleeping? If there is nothing you can put this down to, then maybe some more professional help would be an idea. In the meantime I would stick to your usual rules and boundaries, and insist on good behaviour from all your children. Even if your daughter has problems, letting her get away with acting out will perhaps give her the wrong idea. Encourage her to talk to you instead.

By the way, having a gun int he house, and seeing it used to solve problems is not ideal. Maybe her issues could act as a timely reminder to you that you are setting an example for all your kids, who are young people who do not always understand the rationale behind your actions.


Thanks everyone! I am definitely trying to spend more one on one time with her. She said she wanted that. I am also going to speak to the school counselor. I think that bullying may be an issue. Our neighbor leaves her out of things, but includes my other two daughters and says things that upsets her. I've been trying to work on that for a long time, but I'll have to focus more on it. Hopefully I'll see improvement with these moves so we won't have to go to more drastic measures.


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