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Moral hangover?

Last night met some friends, we had a quiet night at one of my friends' place, we had some drinks and snacks

I had a little fun last night but today I woke up feeling really down, might be a moral hangover buuuuuut I didn't do anything to feel like that. I know it is a side effect of the alcohol but I felt like I did smth really bad and I was only hanging out with my pals

Any advice, point of view or comment?

Has anyone felt like that before without not doing actually nothing wrong?

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I wonder if it's the Monday anticipation also? That's great that you met some friends and got out- little steps but spending time with meaningful people.


Yes but waking up after that made me feel awful. It is like I did something bad without doing it, that is how it feels


That happens to me, too, because my anxiety also manifests as paranoia. Alcohol definitely doesn't help because it makes me feel better after a drink or two, but if I keep drinking it actually triggers anxiety the next day. I call it blow-back. When I start having irrational thoughts, it helps me to tell my mind to shut up (meanest liar I ever met!), and consciously change my focus. There are lots of inspirational mindfulness videos on YouTube, thankfully! Hang in there Vanessi!

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Thank you, it is a really bad feeling even though I didn't do anything bad just enjoy a quite night with friends


Hi vanessi how are you, I know how you feel, I went out to a small hang out last night and had 3 drinks with my water and now I feel guilty. All I'm doing is try to meet new people and relax from my stress witch I did but now I feel like it didn't even happened. Today is cloudy and ugly and I feel the same way ugly and depressed,

Vanessi last night a woman walked in the bar and she looked just like the picture in your postings but without makeup she had the most saddest eyes I've ever seen and I could feel her pain from across the bar, and I think she could feel mine cause she was looking at me in the same way, even max couldn't cheer her up and he's a funny bartender. Anyways at that moment I thought about you and how you must feel and how I feel, to be in a crowded room of jokesters and not even crack a smile so I went outside to the patio area and said a prayer for me and you so that maybe one day we would smile again. Hope you have a blessed day sweetheart.


Thank you for your words, I feel like that when I'm with ppl sometimes. This depression has taken the best of me. I'm not the same woman I used to be.. all the light in me has turned off. I hope one day we can be happy again


Perhaps you could get together with friends just to enjoy company without drinking. You have done nothing wrong. Maybe see them more often. I have been irritable at times due to anxiety and depression ( or whatever the label is) . Sometimes looking back life is so short!


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