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after a break im back and feeling a little better, ive had a lot of appointments but they all helped me feel confident in my physical health which is perfectly fine btw. I got prescribed Lexapro for my depression and Clonapin for my anxiety i take them at the same time before i go to bed. ive been on them for about a week and havent had any panic attacks. my therapist noticed my improvement and so have i, im smiling again and slowly starting to enjoy things again. its a slow process of course but im excited to get better

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I'm very happy for you! Proud of you also! Keep up the good work! XXX


Oh that is great news indeed! made my day! so happy to hear this and I can almost feel the relief you must be feeling. Keep on fighting! and let us know how things progress all the good and the bad! Take Care

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really great news for you, keep in touch.

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