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Hello, new here

Hello everyone, I am 28 years old and have had some form of anxiety /panic my whole life, just here recently has it gotten extremely bad... I have attacks almost every day... It's absolutely horrible.. It has sent me to the ER twice... It's now starting to effect my physical health as I have to make myself eat and often just can't eat enough.. I have lost weight and often feel hungry but have no appetite... I was prescribed VISTARIL but am terrified to take it when I am having an attack... Because I am scared to take pills... Has anyone else ever taken VISTARIL? It's 25mg.. I am to the point now that I feel like I need counseling... Any advice is welcomed and appreciated. Thanks


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Hi emily im sorry to see youve had problems with anxiety most of your life ! It is a horrible thing to suffer from have you thought about looking into cognitive behaviour therapy from what ive heard about it ! It maybe helpful to you ive not heard if vistatil but try googling it! but just try not to place to much faith in the info your best thing is to see your doctor u wish you well and good luck david

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