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Hello, i'm new here.

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I am a 21 year old female and have been experiencing severe anxiety and depression for the past 4-5 years of my life. It is effecting every aspect in my life (school, work, relationships, etc.) and I fear it is turning into a form of social anxiety now. I used to be so outgoing, - wanting to be around friends/family all the time and now all I want to do is isolate myself. I want to understand more about how to cope with this and any tips anyone has as to lessen panic attacks and stop negative thinking? I am making a huge initiative to take hold of my life and not let this disease effect anything else in my life. I feel alone and want to get to know others who suffer from this as well.

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You know what I do, first I remind myself that I’m ok if that doesn’t calm me down I’ll start counting how many letters are in the words of the articles in my house if I’m home, like chair 5 letters and just keep going as long as it takes for you to calm down you can do it anywhere. Hope it helps, do things that will take your mind off what ever it is that’s bothering you. Stay safe 😎

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Thank you for your support. I appreciate it.

It’s totally normal to want to isolate yourself, I like being alone because I don’t feel judged or anything but sometimes it’s good to be surrounded by people you love because that’s what keeps me going and for panic attacks have you tried mindfulness or heard of it? I would do some research on mindfulness and check out some YouTube videos on mindfulness and how it can change your life for the better!

Thank you for the advice. I'm trying to be more open to accepting love and care from my family, friends, and especially my significant other who has been there for me at my worst. I am grateful he has stood by my side for so long, though I am afraid the damage i've done during my episodes has become irreversible. I don't think he wants anything to do with me and it just hurts the most that I am the root cause of it and I did it to myself.

I have suffered with panic attacks also. My anxiety and panic has gotten better through medication, therapy, meditation and exercise. But, I have to keep working on it or it comes back.

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I'm trying to exercise on a daily basis, I feel like it has helped a little.

Hi! I’m 22 (a girl also) and a college student. I just reached the point where I kind of realized how isolated I am friend wise and my schooling is suffering because of my anxiety. I like a vision board to stop negative thinking! It also helps reminds me of the goals I have and where I want to be

Thank you for the tip I appreciate it. I have been working on creating to-do lists everyday and it's been helping a little.

I do too, but I get more anxiety when I see things aren’t checked off. So I try to put even the smallest things on there like eat lunch to keep feeling accomplished. Also put big things in parts!

I just want you to know that you are not alone! I get panic attacks as well. A tip I have for getting rid of negative thoughts is to actually visualize getting rid of them. Imagine your thoughts like tabs on a computer in your mind and if a negative one pops up visualize closing it. Also relate your thoughts to your breathing, inhale good thoughts and exhale the bad. Taking initiative and asking for help are the 2 biggest steps you should feel proud for doing that! Hope this helps a little, feel free to message if you ever need anything or want to talk(:

I joined this community recently for very similar reasons.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) is a great form of treatment to address negative self-talk and adjusting thought behavior. There are self-help workbooks online for free.

George1966 mentioned one of my favorite grounding techniques - I am horrible at math but counting by category soothes me. Another one is square breathing - breathing in slowly for four seconds, release for four seconds and repeat while thinking about your breath moving from one corner of the square to the next. Just one of the things to add to your toolbox.

Hope this helps you as it helps me.

Hi darlin, and welcome! I am new here too! I admire your focus and strength in wishing to learn more about what it is going on with you. I have worked with many of the same feelings throughout my life and have always found the greatest help in sharing, and in feedback. With me deep down I think I respond as a social critter to life. As long as I can be myself and be welcomed for such I am ok. When I feel I cannot I get dragged into this awful mental/emotional space. I make phone calls, and if no one is around to talk sometimes I write, draw, or record my voice speaking about how I feel.

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