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Hi everyone,

I just joined the site.

I struggle with dysthymia (mild chronic depression) and anxiety. I am able to go to work during the week, but really struggle with unstructured time on the weekends. It can be an effort just to shave, shower, eat and get out the door. I often feel lonely, but also feel anxious/unsatisfied in many social interactions, and don't tend to make social plans on the weekends.

I just thought I would reach out to others online who may also struggle with some of these things.

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I hope you find the site useful. I'm sure there will be many who can relate to what you are going through.

The thing with feeling lonely and unsatisfied is that the anxiety is preventing you from making the social interactions that you need to make so it is a vicious cycle.

Are you in UK or US?

Only asking as therapy etc works differently in different countries. ie I know about the system in the UK but not in the US. But if you are able to access it it sounds like therapy would be a good thing for you. gemma

Thank you for your reply!

I am in the US and I do currently see a therapist. It is indeed quite helpful, but hasn't yet made much of a difference on the days when I don't have any structure. I really appreciate your taking the time to read what I wrote and to reply.

Hi there,

100% with you. Just joined minutes ago myself. I have experienced a sudden and intense onset of depression/anxiety after moving to a new city in the past few months, and this is very true of me. So far (praying it stays this way!) work distracts me and I am lucky to enjoy my work and coworkers. Unstructured time is the WORST right now. Sounds like your day is going like mine--I've been having a lot of panic today and couldn't get out of bed until almost 1. On the weekends, I am trying to schedule at least one thing to do each day OUT of the house, even if it's short, to keep me focused. Knowing I NEED to leave the house by a certain time is helpful to get me in the shower etc. I don't work on Fridays, so I am volunteering for 3 hours in the mornings and going to therapy after. Sundays we attend church, but Saturdays are hard. I usually go grocery shopping, but there is no accountability with that per say, so it's hard to get out the door since it's not an actual appointment, and the organizational aspects have been tiring for me. I scheduled a walk with a friend on Monday since it's a holiday in the US. So far this is helping me stay slightly more motivated, but I know it's hard. My thoughts are with you. You are not alone.

Thanks for your reply! I wish you the best with your adjustment to a new city. It has taken me awhile (usually years) to feel really settled in to a city when I have moved, and I still have to keep up the effort to make and keep connections. I find that my default is to isolate, so I have to fight against this urge.

My default was to explore, but then we bought a house in the new place and that triggered some sort of fear of living in this new place because I feel trapped. That's really the cause of the anxiety--the house. Since then I've had to really push myself, and I'm getting better at it, but the emotional avalanche is still working it's way through me for now.

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