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severe anxiety

hi! i'm new here, i was doing some research on how to deal with anxiety and depression and i found this forum. i go to nursing school, but every time out of nowhere i get this horrible sensation of fear and stress and i just feel like i can't breath, i get cold and i feel my heart pounding in my throat. i started taking tryptophan and i was thinking about switching to 5HTP with where OTC treatments. i'm currently thinking about going to a therapist but i'm having some issues with my health insurance. does anybody have any advice on what to do when i get these anxiety attacks?

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I get panic attacks myself, try to slow your breathing, and focus on your breathing to get your mind off what's causing the panic...easier said than done but it at least allows you to breathe better

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Its all about controlling your breathing. I breathe in for 5 seconds, hold for 5 seconds, and exhale for 5 seconds. Do it as long as you need to until you start to feel better. This forum is a form of therapy as well. We are all will to talk and listen. It will get better. I promise.


Ive been having panic attacks as well at school, I also don't have insurance and am looking for some help. I've learned slow deap breathing helps. Breathe through your nose for a couple seconds hold it then let it out for four seconds. Deep breathing has helped me shorten my attacks but still looking for techniques!


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