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Woke up with severe anxiety


So I woke up early to get things done and my anxiety is seriously overwhelming me. I can’t stand this. I’m trying to push through it so I can be normal for my family but inside I feel like throwing up and hiding. Anyone else feel this?

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Too often. I usually wake up in a panic attack and , like you, I try to act "normal" for my family. I'm exhausted all the time.

Yes exactly! And it’s way too early to medicate ha ha even though I’m supposed to when I feel this way. Do I zombie out or push through

Some days are better than others. Right now I am at a low point. I have had anxiety since I was a child. I have had years of therapy, medication. If I take things day by day, I feel better. Right now I am overthinking everything. I hope you feel better.

Thank you. Yes , I overthink everything too. I’m going to do some baking which helps me feel better. Thanks for responding, I don’t feel so all alone

dark_diva40, severe anxiety has a tendency to show itself as we face a new day,

with new challenges and new fears. Rather than medicate and just mask those

feelings, have you tried meditating instead.? Greeting the new day with Meditation

of calm, relaxing, positive thoughts can help tone down your fears and allow you

to move forward. Using meditation, morning, mid afternoon and night can help

maintain your mind in a more stable condition. It takes practice. Retraining your

mind and your response to anxious thoughts. Wishing you well. xx

I have a hard time meditating, I’ve tried so many times but I can’t shut down my mind. I didn’t medicate I’m cleaning instead and interacting with my 9 year old daughter

Each of us has to find the tool that works for us best. I'm glad you are moving forward with the day as well as interacting with your daughter. Sometimes, that

alone can help shut down those anxious thoughts. That also works for me as well.

Yesterday, I turned the house upside down, cleaning. If it does nothing, it shows

an accomplishment which in turn can make us feel better. xx


I have been acting normal for the past 2 months, while whenever im alone i throw up from panicking so hard, i feel my heart is in my throat from all the pounding, my thoughts are a terrifying place filled with pain, hopelessness , and death, all i could think of is all this stress and fear that what if i live with it all my life, what if it kills me too, i tried to talk to my family so many times where its just frustrating how they think im being overdramatic or too sensitive where i really cant control it and i need help , i get good days and bad days, but for the last month maybe one week was great the rest was awful, i feel my heart racing always, even when i think im not worried , and i just fear that the panic is back, i think what if all this stress kills me and i sleep and never wake up , and i keep running scenarios in my head, deep breathing usually works for a while , i try to sit down in a dark place alone, breath deeply till i feel sort of relaxed or dizzy , sometimes i meditate , i drink cold water and just try to convince myself this is not killing me eventhough it feels like it , eventhough people tell me its harmless i dont feel that way because the physical symptoms and the power of anxiety is too strong , im still 17 so i dont know alot of ways to fix it but im trying to stay positive , because i refuse to give up knowing there is a solution

I feel like that too, so right now I’m cleaning the eff out of my kitchen , trying to stay busy . I hope you feel better today as I Am trying to do the same

I know exactly how you feel. I’ve tried opening up to people one even being my own mother who just constantly reassures me I won’t get better until I take my medication every day. Some days the panic attacks are so severe that I just feel like I can’t go on like what’s the point of living a life when you’re constantly in pain you’re constantly battling your mind and to forcing yourself to be happy when your mind is in this deep and dark place. I usually just ride the panic attacks until the end when I feel contempt at first it feels like waves crashing and everything is so horrible and then the calm comes. I hope that you get better and I hope that w time you learn how to cope I am 21 and I still am trying to find ways to be okay I hope you find them sooner..

Hi I had been dealing with crippling anxiety and panic for about a year. In October I went to see an OBGYN that dealt with hormones. Once my blood was checked I found out I was EXTREMELY low on progestrone. When you are over or low on a hormone it can be so debilitating. Some docs don't even think on checking hormones and will prescribe antidepressants or anxiety meds without getting to the root of the problem. I felt way better after 2 months of treatment (taking all natural progestrone 200mg pill but topical cream is available too) but still not 100%. I started with progesterone cream which is great but felt like I did better with an oral pill. Everyone is different. So I had more bloodwork done. I was Vitamin D deficient. Super low. So I started taking Vitamin D supplements with K2 (5,000IU) about a month ago. I am feeling way better and from 0 to 10 with 10 being extreme, I can say that anxiety is about 1 but just every now and then. Panic is gone. I know things will only get better once my Vitamin D levels are normal. It should take 2 to 3 months. Hormone deficiency can affect anyone at any age. I have also heard that thyroid issues can also bring on anxiety and heart palpitations. Mine is normal. I hope this info helps. It might point you to the right direction in the answers you are seeking.

I take 10,000 of vitamin D, iron and folic acid daily. I’m severely anemic and noticed my period is lasting longer and coming earlier.

Have you been tested for anemia,gp should prescribe,there are different types of anemia,and any added supplements can sometimes do more harm than good-I was diagnosed with anemia a few yrs ago,everything ok ,also sometimes taken too much iron can be toxic especially since your periods are slightly erratic.

So glad you are taking vitamin D! I dealt with longer periods too. Started in April 2017 after having my son. I had 3 deliveries before that and my cycle always returned to normal. After having my baby (I was 41 at the time), my period changed drastically. Periods lasting 10 days instead of my regular 7, super duper heavy the first 3 days which I had never dealt with before, alot more clottier too. I was getting menstrual symptoms way earlier in the month (tender swollen chest, cramping etc). I just thought it was my new norm. I never put two and two together until I had my hormones checked. And then I started getting migraines when I had never had them before. Of course dealing with all that plus the anxiety, fear, and panic. Surely enough, low progestrone was the culprit. Now my periods are back to normal. It doesn't hurt to get your hormones checked.

I feel the same way , I’m a single mom and struggling everyday when people say what’s wrong when they look at me it’s so hard and I just want to break down ...I’ve been on every Med and since my separation I was so codependent on my ex and I didn’t even realize it , if anyone ever wants to talk or be my friend it would be nice to connect I’m in NJ

My situation is a little different. I'm completely dependent on wife. But even her kindness and understanding doesn't rid me of my daily depression and anxiety. If you need a friend, you can count on me. I live in RI. BTW I wake up every morning to depression and anxiety, I'm afraid to go to sleep at night, fearing the morning.

This happens to me soo freaking often! Idk why though, But I can assure you, you are not alone. The struggle is the same for me. I don't want my kids knowing what I'm battling. But I can tell you this, you have to talk to someone about this. Let it all out. Do not hold it in.

I did thinking it was what was best. I ended up on the verge of a mental breakdown. That caused more harm than good.

I'm trying to figure out the causes of mine. I wake up with them, (when I sleep. I have insomnia too) and many times after I dose off I am rudely woken up by an anxiety attack. I think it's because at night, everything settles and our minds have time to dwell on every little thing that we fight so hard to avoid and push down. Night time becomes their proverbial playground.

I'm here if you would like to discuss this further. I have no answers. But perhaps together we can brainstorm and help each other?? It's up to you ofc <3

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