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5am ?

Why am I up so damn early? Oh wait I have to work today and be a grown up. Shit! How I want to sleep more I finally managed to get 4 hours of sleep now I'm up too early and my brain switched on to not let me go back to sleep. I feeling anxious now laying in the dark while it's dark and very quiet. My thoughts going to the worse things cuz as a kid I was afraid of dark place and my room is no different. I know it's in my head so I'll be fine right?! Smh I feel like im 7 again and my brother going to creep out my closet scare me. OH I already know imma need extra coffee today if my brain thinking that far back. Hope everyone else having better day 😋

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Waking up and getting real anxious has been happening to me too. I'm up early and keep looking at the clock. A pulse of anxiety races thru my body and more crappy thoughts. And I look at the clock again. I don't want to b grown up either! Some days it's a real bite. Anyway, I hear ya!

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