Happy dreams made me sad today

Hello everyone, i have posted recently why i feel so depressed and sad. Last night i had a dream with my ex and we were so happy, we made love and he was telling me we were gonna married next April. When i woke up i couldn't help feeling so anxious and really sad, it was early in the morning and it took me some time to back to sleep again.

I had a breakdown this morning cos the year is almost over and i waited so much for it cos i was going to be with my ex in February. It is gonna be a tough new year and i can't deal with it

Today is a bad day, i can't even be alone, i am with my family all the day cos i'm scared of being by my own

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  • I understand what you are going through. You had a lot of hopes and right now it feels like you don't know where to begin to rebuild. I can't tell you much of wise words but what I can tell you is that I've been there. I had my mum sleeping in my room for a month (I'm 28). My parents took turns to stay home when I was with home so they could keep an eye on me. I couldn't drive alone. Couldn't do anything alone. But it will get better venassa. It will eventually get better. Appreciate the love your family is giving you. Lean on the people who care for you. You will get through this

  • honestly i just wonder why all this happened? what did i do to deserve this? All the time we took us to build our relationship and he destroyed it so fast. I feel really sad and down today. I have many memories that make me sad

  • You have to slowly yet proactively try to replace those memories with new ones. Our human brain is a funny little thing. We associate things/places/moments and even times of day with feelings. For you it's the mornings. So try to train your brain to think of something else in the mornings. For example, for me driving to the airport was dreadful (Because I would always go there to pick up my ex and it was a symbol of a lot of emotions in our relationship). So one day I just left work and drove to the airport. I sat there watching people until I no longer felt like crying. Now I can go to the airport without remembering my ex

  • I don't know still i can't see things or go to some places that reminds me of him, it has been a tough day since morning i still love him and miss him but he doesn't care and it breaks my heart everything we built is gone now

  • You need to make new better memories without him. You are young and life is long. The hurt fades to a slight nuisance, a lesson learned, a bump in the road. It doesn’t seem it was meant to be. What would have been worse finding out now or later when you have more invested in the relationship: like children? Embrace your future and move forward

  • That is why i am trying but it is hard sometimes, i feel really bad and i can't help it

  • Hi Vanessi, I hope you are feeling better. I know how you feel I have had my heart broken more than I can count. And it hurts so bad but i have healed and i know you will too because you are strong. I truly believe that there is something better for you out there that is why it didn't work out with him, you did nothing wrong. Who knows what kind of life you are dodging by not being with him. He is clearly not the man you thought or he portraid to be.

    There is a Spanish quote I know you will understand:

    Nadie se muere de amor. Te deprimes, pierdes El apetito, te duele todo, quieres que te trage la tierra pero no te mueres.

  • Thank you so much for your words, to be honest with you i feel really bad today and yesterday was bad too. This day makes me feel so depressed, i really love him but i know that is over now, i had many dreams and plans for us and knowing nothing will happen never again makes me so upset.

    I just can't stop thinking of what i lived and how happy i was, now the year is gone and was not exactly how i wanted to end it.

    It is gonna be a long road, i try to go slow and make changes too. Last time i talked to him he said he loved me but i don't really think so.

  • I understand our minds make us dream all these things right when you just want to forget the pain

  • I just feel really bad right now, i saw a pic of him enjoying his night. It makes me sad cos even if we were far he used to text me during his nights out and stuff, i'm so jealous of people who is with him right now! i just wanna die right now really

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