Restarting medication, also need some anxiety attack tips

I'm 24 and have dealt with depression and anxiety for as long as I can remember. But I still feel like I need to prove I need help, or I feel like I'm not worthy of accessing resources. But today I finally went and saw a doctor and got back on antidepressants. When I took them for the first time four years ago, I had trouble accepting that I needed to take them. Each pill felt like defeat. I feel better this time around about taking them, because my ability to function has gotten really difficult, anxiety attack are rampant, and I just need help.

Maybe someone can give some insight into what restarting antidepressants feels like? Also, how do you handle anxiety attacks?

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  • Hey

    I can definitely understand how you feel. I have been battling anti depressants for 5 years now and it's really like baking a cake because we don't know what will work nor how much of it we will need to get what we want. I've been on so many different types and I'm beginning to think that nothing is going to help me get back to my normal self. My panic attacks come on sudden and I hyperventilate. Having to focus on one thing and help my breathing helps alot. If I don't... eventually I pass out because I'm not getting oxygen to my brain adequately. Which is very scary. I'm here for you if you need to talk. Maybe something in particular is triggering your attacks...even if you can't quite put your finger on it...maybe I can help:)

    I'm sorry you have to go thru this because I honestly wouldn't wish this on anyone. It's horrible feeling and the side effects from any of these medicines hit really hard...and don't even get me started on withdrawals because I've experienced them alot.

  • Thank you for your supportive words, Alleena616! I've never used these online groups before and just knowing someone else is experiencing something similar is really comforting.

    I'm sure I'll be in touch once I get my prescription and start seeing how things go.

    As far as panic attack triggers, I think work is a part of it. But I'm not really certain what else causes it. 🤔

  • No problem! I actually just joined this group also because I thought with everything going on in my life it would be nice for someone to talk to.

    And as far as work goes: I know that work is very important and money is important but if you aren't yourself at work or after work. It affects everything and everyone. Making sure your 100% yourself is more important than anything. I don't work but I have 4 kids and I consider my stay at home mom as work. And knowing I'm not 100% there...I affect my kids and they pick up on everything!

    Just think about yourself. If you don't have kids. I definitely envy you! Lol. Because I can't even remember my life before my kids. Everything changed so quickly. But I don't regret having them. They are the reason I keep going! If it weren't for them...and I was going thru this....idk what would happen.

    Think about your future and your future kids if you want any. My recommendation is to live your life as much as you can and enjoy yourself. Because if you are able to be back to somewhat normal...then everything in the future will be okay. Might get hard but it will be much better knowing you have built yourself up and became more confident:)

  • Congrats! You have made a brave step towards feeling better. You are absolutely worthy of treatment. It can be extremely difficult to accept that we aren't "strong" enough to fend off mental illness. It is not any different than treating other medical ailments. Although there remains some ignorant views about depression, don't allow it to cloud your judgement.

    Restarting antidepressants will take time as it had the first time. I'm sure your doctor has explained that most take about 2-4 weeks for effectiveness to be felt. They are most beneficial when taken long term and not stopped abruptly. Express any concerns you have with your doctor. Get connected with a therapist to help with your depression and anxiety. Work on your own prejudices about meds for your health. Anxiety can be debilitating and is often relieved with antidepressants as well. Don't be hard on yourself during this process.

    Honestly, it took another person in a support group I attended to confide in me that she took an antidepressant. She was a professional in the same field as myself. She explained it like this, "life doesn't have to be so difficult. There's no shame in taking something to help ease the challenges." She used to say....I try to do what gives me peace. I always think of that when faced with a challenge. What will bring me peace in this situation? Put yourself first!

  • You're so right Marquis784! I'll be focusing on peace.

  • Great Comment :)

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