Anxiety attack.... 😥

I’m having an anxiety attack and I haven’t had one like this in over a month, I’m feeling so drained and dizzy all of a sudden. I feel so weak my arms feel so heavy. I just feel so alone, I’m trying to remind myself that this is something that happens to people who suffer from anxiety. But I don’t believe myself. My mind tries to make me believe that there’s something wrong and I still continue to listen even after dealing with anxiety and depression for months.... just need to know someone’s out there...

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  • this was happening to me the end of the weekend and into the week. It subsided today. Have you any access to anything?Like yoga or a workout class? Something to get out all of the anxiety energy and distract your mind?

  • I haven’t tried yoga and I don’t have money for a workout class. I just feel like someone flipped the switch on my anxiety

  • Sometimes what I do if I can't get out of the house or if I'm in public I just run or put on my headphones and listen to a podcast. It helps. Sometimes hearing someones soothing voice on a podcast or meditation music helps me. I have to sit in a room with the door closed. All of that seemed cheesy to me when I first did it but it worked. I kind of laughed at myself afterwards because I was surrounded by candles. If I opened my eyes and still felt the shakiness I layed down and just counted my breath until it slowed. And a hot bath helps too. Just throw a bunch of smell good stuff in the tub and mellow out. Make it really hot though. Sounds crazy but the heat makes me distracted.

    If it gets worse maybe see a doc. I have meds now because it got so bad the older I got and I live in a big city where my options of quiet are slim. The meds do help though. However, I still struggle.

  • Yes I definitely have been on medication for a while and I won’t lie it has gotten SO much better before I literally cried and shook all day from how bad the anxiety was now I can actually get through the day and actually take care of my child and if I want to watch tv I can actually focus on the tv before my eyes were on the tv but my mind was elsewhere

  • So sorry to hear I get panic attacks too had one 2 days ago sometimes you need to take medication ...I don't believe anyone should take any benzodiazipine everyday but when you are having a panic attack which is what you described than I believe taking a xanax is in order. Obviously you should be exercising and trying other ways to calm yourself bath, pedicure, do something you love that's engaging like drawing, swimming, reading, cooking,

    Yoga might be a good thing for you to try..would be calming supportive environment feel better wish you the best always

  • My psychiatrist has prescribed me Vistaril for anxiety which I took when I start feeling the anxiety but it felt like forever before it kicked in

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