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Need some friends support for anxiety


Hello all. Have a healthy and tension free live ahead. I am patient of heart and anxiety from 6 year. Alot of doctors rest medicine has done. But i feel anxiety patients need more moral and friends support than medicines. A recent or with anxiety person can understand other anxiety person. I m 38 year old. Feeling no life in my body. I m from Pakistan. Spend all of my savings on treatment. I want some friends group here with them i can discuss my situation. We r all human. If any one become friend most welcome. Thanks. Be blessed.

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Yes, even in USA we need support. I don't understand this anxiety so how could I expect anyone else to understand it?

We can discuss our matters or causes with anyone. I think main causes of anxiety in our mind. But we dont eccept it. And one main issue is with any anxiety person is this that as much we sit alone we dont talk any other, we thinking about out anxiety. We increse it. So we have to each other to de track our mind.

Right on target!

Keep looking for answers. Every inch of help is a huge step in the correct direction.

I wish you love, peace and harmony.

Thanks marheart. You have great human emotions in your heart. You said right when we r in crisis a little help is rock for us. Actually we are know this world is now materialistic. Our thoughts brains are materialistic. We r going away from natural life. We have to live for other. We have to adopt real happyness. Real happyness is not in laptop internet or in mobile. Its is between friends. When we help others without sny gread. I hope we will be good friends. Love and care for you. Can you introduce your self where from you. You male or female. What do you do.

Again thanks alot for your good words.

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