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Hi my name is alexia iam 19 years old and im pregnant with my first child... I have had an out of wack mind since july 1st and i can't sleep or breathe right without having to think about my heart everywhere i go or think straight... Im trying to get myself out of my mind and its hard and ive been sick dealing with anxiety depression and panic attacks because ive been iron deficient.. I cant seem to find a way out i need help any one can you please help me or get me to a support group or anything that can help

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  • Hi Alexia. Can you have your doctor inject iron into your system?? That could help.

  • Hi claudio he gave me iron pills for me to start off with

  • I have heard from others that injection is more efficient than pills.

  • Really... I wouldn't know because this is my first child i never had to experience anything like it and its so hard to stay positive when my mind is always racing and because of the fact ive been iron deficient it causes me to feel dizzy or cant concentrate

  • This article says that depression is very common for pregnant women

  • Im going to read up on that thank you claudio if you have any other advice that would definitely help I'll appreciate that too

  • Maybe start eating some bananas 🍌 in smoothies and light walking in the park , yoga , moving around being pregnant doesn't make you paralyzed. Good luck

  • Hi Vanessa how do i get my mind off of so much of the negativity and thanks for that advice

  • Everyone always has some type of negativity in there your not alone, being that your (19) and not fully developed into a women , your still an adult but still young, being pregnant in general is an experience and you should fully enjoy it. Remember any emotion and feeling that you are going threw , your baby is feeling as well, so if your conStanley worrying , crying , or any non happy emotion your baby will feel. Keep that in mind. I don't know your story or why you feel like your having negativity but if you are , pull away from it , use headphones , ignore walk away, . Write in a journal how your feeling. Talk to your boyfriend : etc.

  • I understand i seriously do i mean it has been hard and i appreciate you for taking the time out to talk to me and giving some helpful advice and im actually not with my boyfriend we got into it to much and i have too much stress when it comes to him so i had to boot him out of my life 😩 and leave him until he gets right but until then i had to eliminate it

  • No problem sweetie , you'll be fine and he'll come back around they always do ❤️😍 take care

  • Hi alexia, im going through at the present moment every thing your describing. anxiety depression panic attacks plus the extremely low iron. i go for iron infusions 1x a week except this week cause my anxiety was so bad. but i have to tell you everyday gets a tad bit better. also i wanted to let you know that low iron gives you the feeling you cant breath. Because you are pregnant your hormones are all out of wack. You have many physical reasons causing you to be anxious depressed etc. you might want to call your obgyn and let them know whats happening. the body goes through alot to have a baby. good luck to you. think positive. keep busy. find a distraction. Make sure to take those prenatal vitamins they are extremely important they will help.

  • Hi chris and yess i thought i was the only one that was experiencing this feeling of always being trapped in my head.. Its like whatever i do think or say im scared of it and to be honest i dont even know how i got myself to this point im young was always goofy and funny and outgoing now i cant even get out the house without feeling like something is going to happen to me or struggling just to make it through the... Its been really hard while being pregnant and yes im taking the vitamins shes perfectly fine its just me that im scared is not gone go back to how i use to be... I wake up each morning thinking to myself will i get over this and have my life back i just want to be happy again and wake up and not think about negativity or go to sleep without always thinking about my heartbeat

  • Honey, what about seeing a doctor? No one can really help u here! But don worry hobey, my mom always says there is always solution for everything except for death! Plz honey take an special care of urself and show urself to a doctor

  • Thanks somayeh i appreciate it

  • Yes, I would tell a doctor for sure, and ask if there is something you can take to feel more calm that would still be safe for the baby. The most important thing right now is your healht, both physical and mental. If the doctor you've been seeing can't help you, ask him/her who can help. I'm so sorry you're going through this. Pregnancy affects everyone differently - some are easy, and some sure aren't. Whatever you do, try to love yourself for being brave and carrying a child into this world. And please do insist on medical attention for the anxiety and panic so you can have as much relief as medically safe. Meanwhile, hang in there and know that you're not alone. You can always come here and talk when you feel like it.

  • Im not going to lie windy everyday it seems to get a little bit easier than yesterday and i feel like the only reason i was having these panic attacks and anxiety was because of my low iron really low... And it happened for 1 long month... I was sick shaking and started to overthink and everything got worse from that point on... But everyday i wake up ive been trying to cope with myself and get myself back. Even by having my journal and writing things down because i dont want to solve my problem with pills for the rest of my life... Its alot of people that recovered and that was way worse than me and im only going through pregnancy ...

  • I'm so glad that you're feeling better every day. Sounds like you are doing the right things for yourself and your baby! Keep it up and you're right, lots of people do recover. When your pregnancy ends, hopefully your body will return to normal quickly and this will all be over. Best wishes to you and your baby!

  • Thank you soo much i appreciate you talking to me windy i really do it means alot

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