Whats wrong w ME? Millions of thoughts per minute and unable to think rationally and reasonably, plus im always depressed-Plz help😣

I'm still trying to understand whats wrong at the moment, i cannot sleep, i shake constantly, am severly tense most times of the day and i have a million negative thoughts a minute!! Im finding it way too hard to explain to my family as they think im going crazy...😢im not ctazy, i know that, but im finding myself avoiding even my mother, as it always ends with me trying to explain my symptoms to her, she never understands as she's never had any major problems to relate with. My Dr of 12yrs has been ignoring my requests for help, its so frustrating. ....CAN ANYONE PLEEAAASSSEEE HELP and if u feel similar to me, i would extremely appreciate your advice.....What do I have.? Feeling hopeless.

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  • Hi nice to meet you. It does sound very much like anxiety and depression but as there aren't any medics on here, only fellow sufferers, we can't diagnose you so you need to see a doctor. If yours isn't helpful then see another one. If you are at a group practise then you can see anyone you like.

    I would keep a list of your symptoms, what they are and when they started, then use this as a starting point for your discussion. Insist on some help. Meds and/or counselling should be able to help you.

    As far as trying to explain to your mother goes I would stop this as she clearly doesn't understand and never will. It is only adding to your frustration isn't it? It doesn't mean she doesn't love you but some people can never get it.

    We all do on here though.

  • Your not alone. I would switch doctors if your family doctor is avoiding your request for help. I feel very similar. I have a lot of ways I try to cope with it but have not found a solution yet.

  • Sounds like anxiety.. need to learn some calming exercises... deep breathing...also I find if I start at toes and tense up and release slowly.. do that all the way up to forehead.. flex tight and release tension slowly that also helps you focus on breathing ... try search Lucinda Bisset her books are the best.. panic to power is one.. she has free cd to listen to .. she has helped me with my anxiety.. I carried her book like my bible... when I couldn't focus I would just read a few pages and I be grounded... when your practise breathing exercises.. both feet on ground... close eyes and push unwanted thoughts away...

  • Thx soooo much😆 extremely appreciated. 👍

  • hi, I would also say - stop trying to explain over and over again to someone who will not process the information. totally remove that pressure from your mind. there are plenty of people, on this forum for example, who are prepared to process your words and offer some response with the purpose of support. it can be devastating to feel like you are screaming under water. so, rise to the surface and communicate with those who will not only listen but who will hear you. xx

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