Help with choice

Help with choice

So before people think this is out of place please understand that I lost my dog in may and he was my depression coping dog. He helped me through so much and my therapist recommended me getting another dog now. I had a westie and loved him to death, helped him with diabetes for three years and made the choice to let him go. My family however has had Australians for years and currently my parents have a mini whom I love as well and sometimes have him stay with me to help. He is however my parents and I can't take him from them. I'm having a hard decision choosing between another westie or a mini Australian. First off here are my concerns, with a westie I'm concerned I will be constantly reminded of my old dog, also that I will compare the new puppy to my previous boy. With an Australian I'm worried that I will be betraying my westie by switching breeds, and also I know how to care for a westie more so because I had one for 14 years. I love both breeds and of course a dog is a dog and I will give them all the love and attention they need. Any advice from anyone on this? Weird question I know

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  • Not a weird question to me, a sensible one to be sure. Your dog is very important. I say get the one you want because that's what matters. You will love whichever you choose no matter whether it is well trained or not! If it's poorly trained you'll be back for a well trained one. The 1st one you'll love anyway.

    All of this is great news so don't worry and enjoy the ride!!

  • I'm sorry to hear of your loss. I have a poodle who is my anxiety support dog.15 years old.Sometimes I worry about her passing away because of her age. I can't imagine the pain you are going through. To answer your question, personally I would go with the Australian because I wouldn't want to be reminded of my old dog and feel sad.

  • Hi...5 years ago my dog had to be put to sleep at 16 years old. Its was awful as life was so empty without her. After a few weeks to come to terms with what had happend i called the breeder i got her from and brought another dog from her...this one was my dogs great grandchild and looked like my original dog. Im so glad i got her, she has a differrent personallity to my first dog so i dont compare her at all. Get another westie, your dog that died would want you to be happy. My dogs have helped me for years with my depression, if only people where more like dogs. Xxx

  • Thank you I actually decided to get another westie I just think it's the better choice for me but your reply helps me realize even more so :)

  • Hi! Cute doggies!!! I LOVE them. I have been mia for a bit. It's good to see your posts. Hope you are doing great. XOXOXOXO

  • I know I've wondered where you have been?? How are you doing??

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