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The people i love goes away from me..

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I have a boyfriend.. we are in relationship for the past 3 and a half years. bt my parents are against it because his status is lower than us.. i dont know why it happens to me bt the people i love the most goes away from me. my bf is the one who got me out of depression earlier.. i had a major operation few days ago and he was there for me the whole time.. my parents know that he is good bt they still doesnt want me to be with him.. few months ago i came to know that they will kill him if i continue my relationship.. they were talking about this with one of my friends father who is an influential person. bt my bf doesnt want to leave me. i m just hoping now that they wont do anything like this and i can explain to them what he means to me.. can anyone pls suggest me on how to deal with this situation?

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I´ve never experienced something like that but what comes to my mind is that you should seek for a professional. In my country they have an free anonymous line so that you can ask for advices or help. I hope that everything will get better.

Can your parents really premeditate killing of your boyfriend and this not be a crime in your country?

This sounds like a terrible situation to be in. I don’t have any advice that will bring any sort of solution, but I hope it works out. Our heart wants what the heart wants and if your boyfriend has won your heart there should be away for you to be together... rules, traditions, cultural boundaries aside.

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it is a crime bt the person my dad talked to is a very influential person.. so none will even get to know who was behind it.. i am just doing everything my dad tells me to do so that he doesnt get any chance to complain and realize that love is bigger than status.. thanks for your support

i m so sry i cant tell u.. bt in my society the boy's status should be more than the girl.. i try to explain it to them bt they always emotionally blackm ail me about this stuf. and if that doesnt work they threaten me.. i hope that at the end of the day everything will be alright and they will understand that despite his status and educational qualifications, he is a good person by heart..

thanks a lot for understanding me.. really it means a lot cz here none seems to even care what i m going through... My eyes are filled with tears rt now cz after a long time someone actually understood me. i m trying to fight against all these everyday bt i dont for how long i will have the strength to fight. Still thanks :)

Can't begin to understand what you're doing through. As others have shared, finding a counselor/therapist can help you to deal with all the things in your life. No one should have to deal with ultimatums and not have a support system. Taking care of yourself first is important and can help you see more clearly. One day at a time.

i can't see any therapist or counselor because of my parents.. i m just trying to stay alive rt now

I cannot beleive that this sort of thing happens. I take it that you are not from a European country becuase I would hope to think that this sort of behaviour is beyond people libing there. Your parents are what I would cinsoder to be wicked and are not looking after you at all. They are ruining your happiness and your future. If your boyfriend is a kind as you make him out to be, he is better for you than they are. Sounds harsh but move away from them!

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yeah i m not from a European country.. its not that they are not looking after me at all. its just that they think if i m with my boyfriend than i have become a bad person.. and as for my boyfriend no one is perfect.. he always has flaws bt at the end of the day the thing that matters most is that he loves me and stands by me every time which is the most important thing that i can't explain to my parents.. the peace i was searching for i got that from him.. bt now i m just lost.. i can't move away from them now bt i don't know for how long i will be able to hold on to my life..

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Europe is a continent :) You have to make some decisons about your happiness but with so little understanding from your parents, it must be difficult for you. Sounds as if you are very young too

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i know that Europe is a continent bt i m not from there.. and yes it is really difficult for me. the things that i have experienced have made me more mature than my age.. and in my family i have to shoulder a lot of responsibilities though i m young.. so yeah this is my life where i can't think about myself and maybe for all this i have become that person who doesn't care about her life and always blames herself if something goes wrong..

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