So the last few months have been so hard! I have a 6 year old abusive step son who is always nasty he hits me and tells at me and we'll it goes in and on.. so monday this week my dog had to go in for her second knee surgery which is beyond strestful! I thought I could do it all but now I'm beyond tired and getting more and more depressed daily! I'm not sure if I should just take my dog and leave! or if I should justart continue to sit around and see if my stepson who I love dearly will change.. with all that is going on I feel so used and broken! what do I do? what would you do? I'm tired I need a break!

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  • I am so sorry to hear that you are not doing well anxiety and depression suck I have PTSD also so I understand, It sounds to me like maybe your stepson needs therapy??? maybe the whole family it does help, I hope he is not hurting your dog if he is thats a red flag. In my prayers.

  • So Sorry! For everything you are going through. I don't think you should sit around and wait for your step son to change is he is abusive. He needs help too if he is expressing anger like this. Could you see a counselor? Or anyone who can help? Action of some kind is important although I know it is hard!!!

  • Thank you! I completely agree but my fiance keeps saying let's wait and see

  • Your health is number one. If your fiance is not taking steps to better HIS own sons health, why would he try to protect your health?

    I'm not sure how old your step son is, but I say leave them. Go and take care of yourself. You can always go to group therapy once you are on your own and you can still maintain a relationship with your family there.

    Sometimes stepping away to step up your health and self esteem, doesn't mean you are walking away. It simply means you are taking care of you.

    All the other answers will follow appropriately. Whether your fiance sees you as a role model and gets his son the help he needs (and the father too), or you go your own way.

    Separating homes for the well of being of one person is not defeat. It is a wise thing to do. It actually helps put everything in proper perspective.

  • Thank you!

  • I too have an abusive son BUT he is 46 so please do something about it now

    My son was born with no oxygen going to brain said problems later life

    His dad passed away very suddenly 3 years ago with Leukemia he also lost his house and 2 twins at birth so moved in with me

    Resents me for everything. Life in general he has an Affective disorder. Hears voices is Agrophobic nothing I do is right I also have a little dog I worry about him and me always ill I know stress is main reason So please do something now I know it's hard

  • I'm so sorry I'm so sorry I understand but at least you know that your son is sick, I lost my oldest son 2011 age 30 my youngest hates me and has nothing to do with me I do miss him but not his verbal abuse its hard to let go but but you must. Prayers your way

  • I forgot to say my son has never thought HE had a problem I have nowhere else to go if you do then GO

  • Had HE? and yes I can go back home to my grandma's

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