Feeling like an emotional orphan and very lonely


I just found this site and decided to give it a try.

I'd love group therapy but can't afford it.

Social Security doesn't think I need a car, so that makes it much harder to afford activities where I might meet compatible people.

I do have a lot of friendly acquaintances and a couple friends, but no sense of belonging. On Christmas or any other holiday, there's no one looking around saying "Where's Jodi?"

I'm in Mesa, AZ, in a retirement park and most of the people have gone home for the summer.

I recently joined a Unitarian Universalist church, and it is a very good match for me, however, it takes time to turn friendly conversations into friendships. I went to the new members meeting, as these are the people who don't already have lots of friends at church, but still, it takes time. I'm also doing various activities to get acquainted, but not having a car adds to the problem. There will be a lot more opportunities in the fall, but I have to get through a long summer first.

I'm hoping to find people to email to who are open, sharing, and hopefully we can be supportive to each other.


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  • I'm sorry that you're feeling lonely, Jodi. I don't think any of us like that feeling. But I'll bet we have some things in common or you wouldn't be here. I have depression and anxiety which are well controlled with meds. How about you? Oh, I'm in the Tampa Bay area in Florida. I'm 5 minutes from our gorgeous beaches on the Gulf of Mexico.

  • I've been on meds since 1991, and am much better than I used to be. What makes it harder now is I can't afford a car, so it's hard to go places and meet people, which seems to be requirement in making friends. ;-) I'm in mesa, a "suburb" of Phoenix.

    Thanks for writing, I was afraid no one would.

  • Hi Jodi, I feel for you. I keep to mysellf. Sometimes i need someone to talk to, like friends do. What are your interests?

  • conversation, the great outdoors, traveling, animals, photography, learning new stuff, googling, email, reading, TV....but right now my physical health is limiting me a lot, haven't been camping for 7 years, haven't gone on an adventure more than a couple hours from home, so a lot of my joy is not available to me to do now.

    Thanks for your reply, just typing to someone helps!

    How about you?

  • I like talking to people. I like some outdoors. Antique cars, monster trucks. I like paddlewheel boats. I google a good bit too. I like to read, but im a slow reader because i get sleepy. I like music.

  • I don't read as much as I used to, have trouble focusing. What do you like to read? I mostly read non-fiction, and love John Gray's Mars Venus books. I think they should be required reading before dating, before marriage, and probably every couple years thereafter. ;-)

  • When i read it's mostly Mitch Albom, but i have read The help.

  • I never heard of him, but googled him, looks interesting, books you can think about and discuss.

  • Yea my two favorites afe the five people you meet in hraven, and have a little faith.

  • Hi I am so glad that you have joined a church BUT I am telling EVERYONE that GOD is the answer ! Draw Close to him and he will draw close to you; you will see mirracles happen in your life as well as others lives.

    You WILL NOT feel lonely anymore and when you are on your own you will be just fine.

    have you got a bible ? Look for this " I will not leave you has HORPHANS; tho your parents may leave you I will never leave you"

    In HE Who Cares; Blessings and Love xxx:)

  • Thanks for caring. Yes, I have a Bible and am pretty familiar with it. ;-)

  • I am new and interested in communicating with someone my age with a similar disorder. I am bipolar with anxiety and depression. I can't take medication for depression because it causes me to be manic. I stay exhausted. I guess my neighbors think I have agoraphobia since I seldom get out--too much of an effort. I just turned 69 so it looks like my illness is around to stay.

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