Feeling lonely and ashamed

I feel so sad and suicidal everyday. And everyone in my life constantly blames me and says I need to get over it. I try to explain that it's not that simple but no one seems to understand how I feel. I feel so alone and ashamed of myself, but I can't seem to make these thoughts go away.

I don't have the money to get help, and I don't have many friends or family especially not ones who are supportive and understanding of me. I feel completely isolated and like I have nothing left, and that my life is slowly spiraling into nothing.

What do I do? I just wish I could make these feelings of constant pain, anxiety, and sadness disappear.

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  • Hi Snart,

    You are not lonely when you connect with us on the forum.

    No money doesn't mean that you can't afford help or that you don't deserve support.

    Depending on where you live, you could try contacting your local health department, community centre or library for some resources. Some universities have psychology students who run low cost programs

    There are lots of online resources with programs to work through, even tips for starting difficult conversations about mental health with your family and friends .

    If you scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on the Directory, there are quite a refer help places listed.

    If you would like to share your location, maybe some forum users can put their local knowledge to use.

    Remember: The journey begins with the first step

  • Thank you so much for your reply. I live in the Austin TX area. I have no idea how to begin the journey to recovery, and I am a college student with no way to fund expensive treatment.

    I would love to hear any suggestions or advice anyone has because I feel in a very low and dark place.

  • Hey Snart, welcome to the club! I told my family today that they made me wanna die. I probably wanna die 30-40% of the time. I'm not gonna try to hurt myself, but I'd sure love to get hit by a bus. I say that as a joke although sometimes, I mean it. I haven't had health insurance since 1990 when they kicked me outta the hospital with 2 months to live (cancer). Im still here! I turned to this site for help because I can't afford a good Dr and I don't trust most people. My life is exhausting! I'm gonna try to go jogging for the 1st time this morning. I only have 1 Lung so... It's not gonna be easy. Wish me luck! Maybe we can help each other thru this insanity? 😫

  • Good luck with the jogging. Good for you!! Proud of you!!

  • Wow Shaquandita, your story is inspiring. I am so proud of you for pushing yourself and going jogging. I wish you only the very best.

    I feel like I have nobody who understands at times, and it's nice to have people like you who listen to me and who I can talk to. Thank you.

  • Absolutely! I get you! Each day is a struggle. Especially BREATHING! Breathing is sooooo hard for me while most people don't even realize they are doing it. LOL! I didn't get up to a full JOG but at least I walked 3 miles in this heat O_O I feel better about myself. You should try it. Pick a goal that's scary but do it anyway! At least to the best of your ability. You'll feel better : ) I Hope.

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