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I have been depressed on and off for the past 2 years (off meaning only good news sort of brings me back to normal but I'm always at a lull). I live in Chicago with my brother and I'm originally from India. I came here to write my medical licensing exams but for the past 4 weeks, I have been so sad - trying to escape this reality I'm facing. I am constantly on the internet, maybe looking for something or someone. I don't know. Anyway, my question is - Should I just go home and check into some rehab type place? I don't feel like myself and I'm slowly crashing. My own worry is that I have an upcoming exam and I'm so lucky I got into Ivy league schools for graduate school but I literally don't even look forward to it. I don't know what's wrong with me and I'm so ashamed that I'm giving up on my goals to help humanity through my service. I'm 26 and I literally don't know.

I just don't know.

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  • Hi sorry to hear , you being depressed is getting the best out of you. Sounds like you have a beautiful life ahead of you. You will look back on this an remember how strong you was. You will be able to help people with this same problem. Be proud of your self. You come so far , from where you live. You need to keep your mind on your goals in life.if good news is what you like read post I've quotes . You are a strong beautiful person. Positive thinking will help you! You ARE BLESSED! 😇😇😇HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER

  • I meant positive quotes

  • Hello! My first piece of advice is, don't try to fight it. The more you try to think "what's wrong with me" the more upset you'll feel. Depression is very very common. 350 million people suffer from it. Don't be ashamed by this or anything you're feeling. If you're sad, it's ok. Be nice to yourself. pick certain things that you use to like doing or relaxes you and try to do one of them once a day. Go out in the fresh air , look up at the sky. Go sit by the water. Think of a time you felt sad before and how you got over it, if you got over it then , you will get through it now too! You seem like a very smart woman getting into an Ivy League graduate school. Remind yourself of that. How far you've come to get here and how smart you are. Exercise (running) and Meditation is amazing for me. I go on youtube and search "guided meditations for depression " but you can literally put in anything . If you haven't talked to a therapist yet, do that as well. Go on Google and search : people who overcame depression . It will make you feel like there's hope and not alone. I hope you feel better ! Stay strong, you are not alone. You will get through this, I promise.

  • Hope you feeling better today. Have a good day. Varuna27😀

  • Everyone has some sort of things thry go threw what might be minor to some is a big deal to others its best when you can take a step back relax find a nice place to just calm down and let life just give you the answerfor me one place i used to go when i was overwelmed is the shore line of chicago i went there at night and just looked at the city lights and listened to the lake making gentle waves it was so peaceful and relaxing for me. Hope you stay on track and things get better for you never give up i have faith in you.

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