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Need some love and uplifting


It's been a rough week with my anxiety and depression. Maybe more than a week. Time is so hard to gauge for me anymore. I'm in bed now and have been here most of this day. Actually I'm stuck home because I left car keys in my husband's truck. So much is going on with me. So much weighing down my heart. Anxiety gets so bad at times I think my heart will literally burst! I don't talk about my suffering nor about the things that are weighing in my mind. My husband is not a good listener and I am tired of bothering my family with my issues. I think they're tired of it too. My family is not big on sharing deep personal stuff. Don't have any close friends as I've isolated myself these last 10 years or so. And another big deterrent ..I don't feel like I can even articulate the chaos in my brain. It's just too much and too complicated! So I guess I'm just in need of a little sympathy and kind words. Thank you.

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Hi Dreamie, sorry to hear how you are feeling at the moment XXX

The 1st thing you need to know is that you have articulated yourself perfectly. Your post is eloquent, honest and very relatable. Don't judge yourself so harshly. I bet you would not do that to someone else ❤️ sending gentle hugs 🤗🤗🤗

Dreamie in reply to Michdau1

Thank you so much!!

Hi. If you don't have a Therapist, please try to get one now. I feel I have gotten better since seeing a Therapist and medicine! Talking to my Dr. And getting things off my chest that bother me help a great deal. I know you will feel better! 😊

FindingTree in reply to UFC80

I’ve definitely thought about getting a therapist but have no clue where to start. How did you find a therapist that worked for you.


Hi and welcome. We understand and we are here for you.

I understand what your going through, it’s been a rough month on and off for me too. Take a deep breath and try to relax. Also if you ever need someone to talk to that can relate I’m here.

Dreamie, it's never too much or too complicated when we share our pain

with someone who cares. :) xx

Hi dreamie

I understand when so many things going on in our head it's hard to focus or explain what's troubling us. One thing I did find helpful to sort the chaos was writing each thing down on a list. Doesn't have to be detailed but by writing a list its out of your brain. Also by writing a list its like they are individual things which can be tackled one thing at a time. It kind of stops one problem merging into another and becoming to big.

It's a nice feeling to have your troubles on a piece of paper rather than in our head. When you feel like you are getting jumbled look at the piece of paper n say 'one at a time'

Like ufc80 says maybe some of the things on your list maybe a therapist could help with or if not to personal maybe share here with us and see if any of us can help.

Sending you a hug

🤗 dreamie 🤗


Use your insurance. Go for Talk Therapy. No excuses.

People around me don't know how to react and aren't willing to hear the negativity.

Go get help so you can get all those bad feelings out of your system, weekly.

Since you wrote to us it seems you are on the correct path toward improvements. Keep on moving on that path and concentrate on yourself. Go for it!

Good morning.

I know it can be so frustrating wanting to talk and not having the person to talk to.

Just like you I have a million and 1 issues going on in my brain but like yourself my wife is not a very good listener. So I keep it all to myself. Would love just to sit and talk for ages but its impossible. But what I find out that when I get deep and in that dark place I intend to go for long walks or just pop out to the local coffee shop. And if I can help other people with there problems then it's a bonus. please don't give up theres always people on this forum that will listen and be there for you.

So please take care and if you need to talk I'm always here.

I found a therapist through the psycololgy today website for my area. The other option is that there is online therapy available. I didn’t find the online version to be as helpful as the in person version. But we are all different.

Hi Dreamie. No need to make any excuses. You're in the company of friends here. :)

And I'm really sorry these recent weeks have been hitting you so hard. Many of us have families that seem distant too. I think these groups are God's way of healing the family wound by blessing us with the love and support of online families. I'm glad we're all a part of this family. While you're here, I hope you receive more than a year's worth of kind words and that you'll find some new friends to make up for all the ones you've lost. You are special and you are loved! Never forget that. Hugs and blessings. Xoxo :)

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