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So I'm new here because my anxiety has gotten to a point that's really bad.I was always happy positive girl but then all the stress and bad things happen that I never smile unless I fake it.In chemistry the subject that it's literally so easy I always got A but this year I somehow was so anxious that a pen that I borrowed I broke it on half.I try different techniques like 5 hat doesn't work ....I'm trying to reduce my self from stress but somehow it comes back....I can tell parents because they won't get I'm literally screaming for help at friends but only few listen but don't do anything except try to comfort me ....I really get easy emotional because of depression and anxiety....people think she's to emotional but they don't think to ask me why are u like this....please help me I need advice.

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Do you know what happened to cause this?

Hageslah in reply to gogogirl

I think its pressure,hating myself ,friends that keep stabing back ,...

I got to that point too and my mom forced me to go to the doctor because she said I was acting so strange and made me feel like a freak and just wanted me medicated instead of treating the underlying problem.

I think it would be beneficial for you to find someone to talk to about this- be it a therapist, a friend, or a family member. Sometimes that can help to walk one back from the edge when everything feels overwhelming. Also, a doctor visit if you feel like medication could help.

When my anxiety and stress gets bad due to me having so many obligations, I like to make lists of what my day is going to look like (down to what time I'm eating breakfast) and that will calm the nerves a bit.

I also find it extremely helpful to watch a funny movie tv show anything and just laugh as hard as I can. I used to be very shy and quiet, which contributed to my low self esteem which led to depression, so I never really learned to laugh loud. Now people can hear me laugh 4 isles down in Wal-Mart.

Its important to remember that this stuff comes in waves. It'll seem like it is easing up and then it will come back. When you can tell it is coming back start your coping techniques again and it will help to make it less severe.

Hageslah in reply to EmLee96

Making list isn't for me I'm more adventurous kind of person but it's hard for me to admit to my parents.I tried by talking to good friend and they didn't do anything.I know they're true and good friends I just feel like they don't know how to help me.

You will notice that almost everyone who is struggling with anxiety and depression (and probably any illness) feels alone and like other's don't understand... well you're right: They don't. The reason they can't is obvious, they are not going through it themselves. But try to remember that if it was the other way around--if someone else was ill like you and you had not experienced what you are going through--then chances are you would be acting like them. Life is like that, unless you have been through something and know how hard it is, you can't really empathize with others. In a weird way, thinking about this in this way helps me not be so upset with other people. I just now know that my ability to empathize with others is that much greater for having/or going through this. Promise yourself that as a result of this, when you get better, that you will not forget what this is like and that you will help others who are going through the same thing. I think if everyone that has ever experienced anxiety and depression made this promise, the world would be a better place and many people going through anxiety and depression for the first time would suffer less.

Secondly, read up on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Your thoughts and how you feel are intimately connected. If you are experiencing anxiety, chances are you are having anxious thoughts. If you are depressed, chances are you are having depressive thoughts or vice versa. So how do you begin to change this? The battle starts with your thoughts, and its not easy. But you have to fight your you feel anxious one day what do you do? Well, my strategy is to interrupt the thoughts by taking a time out and concentrating on my breathing. I do progressive muscle relaxation. For about five minutes my thoughts revolve around my immediate physical actions. Second, remember that my thoughts are the problem (whatever is going on around me or outside of me, its my thoughts that are the real issue; its my perception of whats going on and I have some control over how I respond (perceive) whats going on). If im feeling sad or anxious, my job is not to add to this by generalizing and saying things to my self that are not helpful..don't say "Im never going to get better" "This is so bad, it sucks, whats the point" If you do stuff like this you are making a powerful and perpetual connection that supports how bad you feel. Its like your practicing feeling bad, anxious etc. So don't do it! Instead say, "Yeah this doesn't feel good right now, but thinking its never going to end etc., isn't helpful. At least I won't add to this by saying negative things over to myself over and over again." What can I do right now that would be more helpful? "Maybe I'll go for a walk..." "Maybe lets vegitate in front of the computer and listen to music or listen to those relaxation videos on youtube." Anything is better than beating myself up. I don't deserve that. It takes time and practice to get better, just like it takes time and practice to feel bad...but at the end of it good mental hygiene will support you feeling better believe me.

Hageslah in reply to dukenu

Thanks for advice.

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