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One ride I want to get off

Hi there..New to this site and feel like I'm on a roller coaster ride and panic is not getting off. Just saw my doc and prescribed Xanax and toprol for my elevated BP....Never have taken meds before and have had intense anxiety for about a week now....And dizzy as all get out....Struggled and have managed anxiety in the past but somehow this time ...Can't shake it off.....

Long story longer...I don't want to go on the meds and would prefer to manage it with exercise, meditation and better diet....

Any fellow sufferers who can sympathize?

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Oh, I can sympathize. But I can't manage without the drugs. I don't have enough power and tools to do it. I wish it weren't so. But I've accumulated enough anxiety over the years that it's reached a new high that now requires a drug. I have GAD, so my anxiety is cummulative. Maybe yours is, too? I have no "off" switch my psychiatrist tells me. I'd love to manage without drugs but I've passed that line in the sand. Since you've had anxiety for a week, I'd say you also have passed that line. Your anxiety is not backing down.


Bonnie do you take meds as needed as well as daily medications? I found it to be interesting what your psychiatrist said to you about having no "off" switch. I try not to take anything during the day. Sometimes I think I really need to but don't want to have to take it. Maybe a crumb of Ativan. I'm sure I have passed that line in the sand. I function very well but usually have some low level anxiety going on. I cannot take the ssri medications since they all make me sick plus after having afib I worry about taking most anything so I'm pretty limited. What helps you in the form of medications if I may ask?


I have medications that won't do any good unless taken regularly. Then I have PRN meds which I take only as needed. I take a lot of meds. Do you want my whole list? If so, I'll have to pm you. I have a lot of medical problems.


I was curious about the prn meds. How long have you been taking them and how much. I take it you also take an ssri? Do you have any heart issues too? Plz pm me that would be great. Thanks

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I forgot to tell you: no heart issues.


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