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I want to be happy again

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Good morning. This is my first time doing anything like this. I am going to be 55 next month and have suffered from depression and anxiety since I was in my late 20's. I have been on meds, tried therapy and an about to embark the TMS therapy. Has anyone ever tried the TMS and had sucess?

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Hi good to meet you. I wasn't sure what this was until I googled it. But no I haven't tried it but wish you luck. Let us know if it helps you.

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I will. I am going to see my dr tomorrow to discuss the therapy and how it will work.

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Hi , My name is Jeannii. I think u remarked on my OCD & said that it was caused by depression or anxiety when I said I had neither!! yes that's right I'm the least depressive of people & I'm pleased I don't suffer from such a disabling condition . I think OCD is NOT necessasarily a depressive condition , I think it's more of a temporary condition that goes on if one is unaware of it due to a sad period in one's life by way of escapism /distraction . that is why I believe it can be treated with CBT. I may be completely wrong BUT I can only go by my own experiances.

Sorry many typhos due to recent cataract operation.

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Ok I'm not going to argue with you. It's only that I have always heard OCD is one of the many forms of anxiety. I don't remember saying it was depression related, only anxiety. But I don't have OCD so will bow to those with a greater knowledge of it. That's the only reason I said what I did.

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Surely prolonged ANXIETY eventually turns into depression as it wears u down , that makes sense to me . I must have been very anxious at that young age when I was threatened with being sent to an orphanage each time I " "misbehaved" as a child as I knew both my parents didn't want me ( they were alive, I knew that ) I didn't realise this had turned into an argument , I thought this was about doing POST mortems on conditions & trying to find root causes thru our own experiences & helping each other ...........yes u did say depression as being one of the 2 causes& u could be right.......I am merely telling u how I come to conclusions & trying to think back. Look at anorexia in children sweeping all developed countries .....Is that a form of depression ? And again, depression seems to be a condition of developed countries , WHY ? We have too much ££/$$ . Poorer countries seems to spend all their time trying to put food on the table so they don't have time to get anxious or depressed ???!! Again this is throwing a chicken in a fox's den ........Discuss

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Yes I agree. I believe that anorexia is an extreme form of mental health issue and treatment for this is considered very important nowadays.

I think most 3rd world countries are too busy trying to fulfil their basic needs to consider whether they have depression or not. They probably do but maybe it's not viewed the same in their culture? I don't know.

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Well....I come from that culture which makes me a "suitable candidate" to comment from both sides of the fence!! . My culture acknowledges conditions like "madness " ie. schizophrenia, mania in general & other psychotic conditions which I guess has definite root causes . Depression could be brought about by one's own actions in many instances & then suddenly one is caught in a cycle of making BAD choices/ decision & the other is hormonal imbalance . The other thing the West believes is that "happiness " is our god given right , in the East one has to earn it & work towards that , suffer in silence & u'll be rewarded one day, upon your death in your next life perhaps , hence Karma . I think religion plays a significant role in one's state of mind. ......so if u suffer on this earth , take it like a man as a form of punishment of your deeds in a previous life ie. Taoism teaches that . Take your punishment & your sins are wiped clean in your next life.........with an essence of Buddhism thrown in. I think the West puts too much emphasis on "ME", happiness ,wealth, beauty ..........I think MYSELF included have forgotten how to be happy BUT I'm learning.

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I have to disagree with you about depression. If you say, as well as hormonal, it comes about because of bad decision making it's putting the blame on the individual as 'their fault'. Maybe bad choices come about because of depression instead?

I don't think my depression is hormonal and it's certainly not caused by 'bad choices'. The root cause of mine is a dysfunctional upbringing and non validation of and learning how to deal with my emotions. I wish it was as simple as 'hormonal' or bad decision making.

I am not entering into any more debate about this so we will just have to agree to differ I'm afraid. .

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There are MANY people out there who make bad choices DAILY .I live in England & here we have the NHS . My neighbour has had 2 stens inserted & now needs more done & REDONE , He has difficulty breathing & YET he smokes 20 to 40 ciggiess a day . we all know EVEN if he had all the them ALL FIXED again tomorrow, it's a matter of time it gets clogged up again. He doesn't take responsibility for his own health yet he critisises the NHS for letting him down .........Whose fault is it that he can't breathe ?

It is not entirely the fault of the depressed person that he/ she is depressed BUT how he/ she gets himself into many bad situations BY making poor decisions eg. having a child when she is in a volatile relationship & now instead of just being responsible for herself/ himself, she is now got a second innocent person involved so now, she can't see a way out so she sinks even lower . U can't tell me that her depression now is not her making.?? very often it's the person cannot see herself/ himself out of the hole they have dug so it gets deeper & deeper & now they are REALLY trapped .

Take alcoholics or drug addicts even prescribed drugs which I am taking now. . I am determined not to get hooked so I spend hours at nite walking instead of popping a pill ( I have a crumbling spine & recently had some of them fused ) Mind over matter I only take my Controlled drug prescribed for pain when I have to work & I literally can't stand up. That is called determination for the condition not to control me . I go up stairs on my hands & legs, all 4's & down stairs on my bottom . If I ever feel low, I think about women all the world over, raped & HIV positive, carrying a dead child in their arms finally reaching a refugee centre then to be turned away ....... I feel I am so lucky despite living the way I do

One has to take responsibility for one's action though I am aware u are talking the chicken or the egg situation BUT only u HAVE be truthful to yourself IF no one else . Face it , embrace it & start to heal .

Why are u depressed about something imposed on you when u were a child or young adult ? Call it whatever u want, I was beaten blood spilling out gaping wounds , even at my age , 60's I still have the cane scars . I was stripped naked to be criticised by my family trying to hide my private parts , that was how I was punished. or starved . I remember seeing my brother peeing ( he was 4 or 5 ) against a tree & he picked up a twig & was playing with his wee , children do that . He was caned & starved for 24 hrs. when my father saw him . Hell it happens .That was how we were punished . It was a different time also because they were inadequate people who had to batter a child in order to feel good about themselves. U are now an adult , u HAVE to learn to move on ...... IF not u are saying they are right about u . Lots of nasty things happen but if u let it go round & round in your head trying to find answers u never will. Time to close a chapter & open a new happy one of your choosing .

Hi.. I am also 55 and going through several months of anxiety/depression... I am sorry but I know nothing about the therapy you mentioned. I just want to say I will pray for your healing... you are not alone. You are loved.

I have not personally tried that therapy but I would try any and everything until you get better. I know when my doctor prescribed meds, I had to try several before I found the one that worked for me. The good news is that you can get better. If you need to talk or text 806 777-8142. Calvin

any word on the tms?

Hi, just wondered what TMS is, as I am also a fellow sufferer

We have a page with information on our website about TMS. It has had some very good results but again, with every therapy, it works for some and not for others. Good Luck!


IMAGINE years ago we would candidates for trepanning.

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