Not too good

I'm shattered and my counselling was crap but I'm still gonna go....

I'm still waiting for what I need, to see my flipping GP which is bugging me.

Man I'm tired, did a full cycle of every emotion when I was speaking with the counsellor in the time span of 20 minutes 😖 she was absolutely useless! Even the chaplain was better than she was and the chaplain doesn't even have that sort of training.

I'll try something with my tutor, maybe I can get seen whilst in college? Like doctors do home visits? Is that even possible???

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  • Hopefully next time you'll get a better response from your therapist. Not everyone is good at being empathetic toward people who are struggling with what we are all struggling with. You will make it with or without her help and that strength will come from you.

  • Thank you

  • I dont know if your a believer in christ but if so learn to speak his word to yourself when anxious faith comes by hearing so speak it wont be easy or instant believe me i suffer serious anxiety but do it as well as find someone to talk to if you dont have anyone they do have 24 hr prayerlines they free andrew wommack line is real good and i dont even listen to him but they listen and really show compassion hope that helps 719-635-1111 prayerline

  • Thanks, I'm Muslim but thanks anyway 🤗

  • No problem

  • It's a positive step that you are continuing with your therapist...if you spent 20 minutes going through a parade of emotions, that may not leave much time for a one hour therapy session to address a great deal. So what made you feel the therapy session was "useless"?

    Do you have an appointment set with your GP?

  • No appointment set with the GP yet.... meh....

    She didn't seem like a counsellor is supposed to be, she wasn't caring and she didn't let me go through what I wanted to say in my own time. She rushed me, shunned what I thought and just acted with no respect. It wasn't what I needed. I needed support not a rough argument 😞

  • OK, perhaps you need to tell your therapist what you just told me....which is basically how you perceived her actions and how you were feeling about it.

    She may not realize how she came across to you. Therapists aren't mind readers.

    Try to give this first session the benefit of the doubt.

    If you decide to tell her, you may want to practice in a calm but in a brief and "direct to the point" manner exactly what you want to say. Or write it down in a brief amount of words.

    This can be done in a way where you aren't putting the therapist down, but expressing how you perceived her to be.

    Yes, this sounds like homework, but I am not a teacher.(lol) comes from my own experience when working with my therapist over the years.

    I have learned, for me, is that I don't want to waste that short valuable therapy time by complaining about everything wrong in my life. I didn't even realize I had done that until almost the end of a session and my therapist pointed that out to me. I can vent else where even if it's during a walk with no one to listen. I need the therapy time to actually listen and understand what the therapist is saying to me.

    Let us know how the therapy session go, and remember we are here.

  • Thanks for the advice PTSDforyears , I'll keep u updated but just starting Easter holidays 🙃

  • Ok, I really hope you enjoy your time off. And just maybe this would be a good time while you're away, to practice what you like to say to your therapist.....AND NO.....I don't mean the ugly things. :).

  • Ehehehehehe 😂🙃

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