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I have a big problem with my son who I believe is suffering from depression . What makes matters worse, is that he is in denial .Anybody have any suggestions as to how I can get him to deal with this so that he will agree to a mental health evaluation as well as medical help or therapy ?It is so hard to see as time passes and he is not moving forward with his life as he should . But his friends are .

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This is rather extreme, but possibly it's worth it? Can you recruit maybe 2 of these friends to intervene with you and meet together with your son and present your common thoughts about his depression that needs professional evaluation? I'm talking about setting a time and date where all 3 of you have your son's attention (but he hasn't a clue what this meeting is about) and each of you present your facts about why you are convinced that your son is clinically depressed and needs help NOW, not later.

The emphasis would be on the friends' words and not so much yours because your son probably has turned you off in his head, I'm sorry to say. Unless you have some newer things to say that he hasn't tired of hearing. Anyway, this is food for thought and maybe you could modify this idea to better suit your situation.


Well that is a suggestion . The problem is I do not have that much rapport with those friends . In addition , the friends are probably not aware and or convinced as I am that there is something wrong with his mind . However I will indeed keep your suggestion in mind . If I can develop enough confidence and rapport with them , I will contact them and arrange it .

I was thinking along the lines of my siblings getting involved . I know whichever way I choose , even if I succeed , it will be with great reluctance on his part and resentment from him . But you know what , facts speak for themselves . After 5 months his "vacation " should be over.

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