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Hi my name is david and i have ptsd anxiety disorder and schizoaffective disorder bipolar type

Hi everyone Im david and i have PTSD schizoaffective disorder and anxiety disorder.recently ive been under a lot of stress and my anxiety has been high ive been thinking people where going to take my emotional support cat away from me and that i was in a whole lot of trouble for some unknown reason i had thoughts that where not true come into my mind aka intrusive thoughts and i slept a usually a nightowl like my cat but recently ive been fatigued easier than I have ever been before and i usually fell asleep by 8 pm-9pm instead of my 11-2 am bedtime.i was so worked up and stressed i was thinking of tw ending my life.I decided to take my zyprexa pill which did work after my bad stress week last week especially last friday and i got myself some b-12 vitamins to stop the symptoms and im starting to feel better now than i was last week and recently my therapist just recently added the diagnoses of anxiety disorder she gave it to me last week.

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Hope your conditions continue to improve.


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