How does life go from pleasant to unbearable??

I have recently been diagnosed with panic,major deppressive,mood and post traumatic stress disorders. I feel like since this all started I've completely lost sense of who I am. I feel like a walking diagnosis rather than a mother wife and sister. I don't know how a person can be living life and suddenly a few stressors can lead to such calamity. I'm terrified to take the prescribed meds after reading the side effects. Some can actually make us feel worse😩 I pray that I can find myself again someday because this feels like drowning.

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  • Of course you feel really bad! You've just had the shock of some nasty diagnoses and read all of the scary side effects. Who wouldn't feel bad? Think about any significant thing you've done in your life and wonder whether you would have ever done it if you'd had the whole situation read to you before you accepted it: the description, what would happen to you at every step of the way, the injuries that were possible, both physical and mental, the cost to you in name, money, time, and so on, the potential gain and losses to be had, and so on.

    Would you ever have done all the things you've done in your life?? No! Of course not! It's best you didn't have the total picture, especially of the risks, because you wouldn't have done a lot of what you did do. But as this gets to be old news and as you realize that you'll maybe get a couple of the many side effects you'll settle down and get back to living your life with the necessary alterations.

    You'll do what makes the most sense and get better, maybe take your meds and finish what you intended to do with your life after all. And I hope you do it with a peacefulness that others will wish they had!

  • Thank you for the encouragement😊 I'm not sure if I should take benzos or ssri's being that benzos are downers and I'm dealing with depression🤔 Have benzos helped your depression symptoms??

  • No, they helped my anxiety symptoms tremendously and made my life worth living. They did no harm to my depression at all. None that I could ever find. They neutralized the horrendous anxiety attack that was one long attack for weeks on end. Slowly, very slowly they brought it to a screeching halt over a few weeks' time. By lifting the anxiety we could then see the depression that the doctor suspected was hidden by the anxiety symptoms and then he treated that depression. Finally! Finally by treating both problems I became well again. I still take meds for both and am doing quite well.

  • I'm so glad you had such success with meds☺ I've tried lexapro in the past and had panic attacks and rapid heart rate with the medication. I was prescribed lorazepam and feel up to trying it out. Hope for the best

  • I hope for the best, too! For your sake! Gee, that's a bummer regarding the Lexapro. Very disappointing. I am beginning to wonder how some of this stuff is being made. I didn't have any trouble with it years ago.

  • Thanks again 😊

  • I guess I didn't answer you exactly. I took benzos for my anxiety. No one knew they would cause problems in those days. So the benzos are the ones that solved my anxiety without disturbing my depression. I never felt more depressed because I took a benzo. I would say they are neutral to depression, not helping and not harming.

  • Oh gosh ... drowning ... a walking diagnosis ... that is EXACTLY how it feels. Recovery takes work, especially since you also have PTSD. You will get through this. You will recover with all the necessary support structures in place.

    Have you seen the Heal my PTSD forum here? That particular forum is one of the best I've seen ... anywhere. Please do join it. The people are wonderful and the support there is second to none.

    Thinking of you ✌

  • Thank you for the warm words. I truly appreciate them😊

  • You're most welcome! ☺

  • I feel your pain. I'm hoping we can get better soon. I was happy 9 weeks ago. And then now I'm stuck with this horrific dream fake feeling because my brain decided to shut off to protect me... protection from WHAT!!!!! Ugh

  • Im glad we have the support of this group. I've learned so much from reading others posts and it helps to hear how others are coping. I feel relief when I see I'm not alone😊

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