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Insomnia and Anxiety

Hello everyone.

Im new here and here's my story: i am suffering from insomnia the past month. There are okay nights and extremely bad nights. Is it possible that this insomnia has given me anxiety or progressed into anxiety? Because since then i've been on the edge, outside i look happy and jolly and generally okay but on the inside i feel empty, sad and just feeling like i could not deal with any socialization. My heart races a lot and my mind is going a mile a minute. Twice the past month i nearly had on a panic attack. My mum and dad supports me, but I am having second thoughts with telling the rest of my family. And second thoughts of going to the doctor because of costs and just lack of experiencr how to go about the medical route. Ive been doing self help like drinking chamomile tea, sticking to a routine for insomnia, deep breathing ( dont know if doing it correctly) turning to my faith.. just wondering if i should still go to the doctor.. its nice to read these forums btw. Makes me feel like im not the only going through this.

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