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Anxiety effecting me physically

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Should I talk to my doctor if anxiety is making me have insomnia, a late period, and having problems with my acid reflux ? Please help, Im really tired of having to go through this every night :((

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Going thru the Sam's thing inwas fine all week until last night which cause a issue on top of not sleeping

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Yess its really crazy it used to be just anxiety attacks and headaches now its my health :(( i feel like im loosing my mind idk if its the anxiety that is making me feel all this or its actually that my health its poor

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This is all new to me to like yes I hurt my. Back 2 weeks ago like around bottom of spine to come to find out yesterday I was in a fight it fight situation and I fought it and I guess my brain was bot giving it oxygen and one of my legs started to swell scary then it was at night up wanted to run to the er but my friends waa like thata not the place to be right now so I get it all this would happen when I been off work since the we of march covid and I'm supposed to return this monday

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Sorry to hear that but you should go to a chiropractor or use epsom salt

Yes, contact your doctor now.

Thank you i will make an appointment tomorrow

Are you in the UK? If so, will you be able to make an appointment?

I would phone GP practice now, as you will have to wait for a phone call back from your doctor. They will then decide if they should see you and tell you when to come in.

No im sorry im in the US but thank you soo much for your help


In the meantime you can try to drink some ginger tea that should help

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Thank you solo much!

No problem

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Its my second time taking it throughout the day & its makes me feel more calm & my acid reflux its waay better than yesterday thank you!

Thank you take care also

Hi (:

It seems like you have gotten great answers for this. If you have a caring doctor who actually listens to ALL of your needs, then definitely! But, if you feel even in the slightest that the doctor tries to minimize your anxiety and anxiety symptoms, contact a psychiatrist. Psychiatrists know exactly the ways anxiety effects us, and the symptoms that come with it. Most psychiatrists will prescribe sleeping medications, and will definitely prescribe anxiety medications. As for the acid reflux, a doctor thing.

I hope you have a wonderful doctor that listens well, and works in manner of your mental health.

Hope everything goes good!!

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I have my appointment this friday thanks i will take your advice

I'm going through the same things

If you feel alone you can txt me i really cant keep up with myself

The acid meds give me anxiety on top of my anxiety. If you can handle antidepressants yes take them!! Don’t eat before bed and eat soft foods like bananas I’m waking up all the time too because the reflux got so bad I understand

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