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Anxiety and Insomnia


I have suffered from anxiety and depression since I was 16. For years, my condition was controlled with medication. For some reason, this past May my medications stopped working. By June I was hospitalized in an inpatient psych facility and was hospitalized there four times from June-September. While there, I had ECT treatments which lifted the depression some, but didn't touch the anxiety and also wrecked my memory. Since coming home from the last hospitalization 2 1/2 weeks ago, I have been wracked with anxiety. The worst part of the anxiety is the insomnia. This is blowing my life apart. I'm about to lose my husband, my kids, everything. I do not know what to do. I'm desperate. Any ideas?

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I too have been having major insomnia from anxiety. I have started to try lavender on my pillow and deep breathing mediations for sleeping I found on my phone. Someone else on here mentioned reading a book before bed that does not interest you. I know it doesn't seem like much. Hope that you find relief from your anxiety and sleep!

sunlover57 in reply to Dogmom55

Thank you. I appreciate the input.

The first thing that came to my mind while reading your post is medication. It probably ran its’ course. We get immune to a med we’ve been on for years. It’s probably a good idea to try something new. I’m currently on Zoloft and for anxiety, I take Vibryd and Clonopin. I know Lexapro is really good too. Anxiety is so high right now. It’s an awful feeling. There’s little things you can do to manage it like essential oils (my favorite), walks, writing (helps me release feelings), meditation, listening to calm music, watching a funny show, drinking calm tea. I also love hypnosis. It’s a miracle. Unfortunately my hypnotherapist passed away. I’m looking at other ones now. I’m also doing TMS. The overall important thing to do is keep trying stuff. And we’re all here for you. You’re never alone! X

Thank you for your reply. I'm seeing a new psychiatrist next week and will ask about Lexapro. Zoloft is too stimulating for me. As far as Klonopin - a psychiatrist put me on that 30 years ago and doctors kept prescribing it to me, so I'm a 30 year addict. A psychiatrist told me it causes dementia and that I should go to rehab to get off of it, which I did in August. The withdrawals were agonizing. So much so I wanted to kill myself, which sent me back to the psych hospital a fourth time. They put me back on a small dose of it. Just watch out for the stuff - it's vicious. Somebody on this website suggested guided meditation on YouTube so I'm going to try that right now. And I know I need to write. I just get lazy and don't do it.

I understand addiction. It’s worse than having the flu when you withdrawal. I experienced it with klonopin one time when I ran out of them early. For a few days I felt like hell like I did when I was going off pain meds. I’ve also been to a psychward. It was actually a good experience for me. But, the positive feelings didn’t last long after. I’m glad you’re trying the meditation video. Maybe it’ll inspire me to try it too :)

I'm cursing the doctors that kept me on Klonopin for 30 years without telling me what was involved. I had no idea there would be horrifying withdrawal symptoms. I'm still having them. You inspired me to journal. I've been writing for the last hour and it has helped. Thank you so much.

Awww really? That makes me so happy! ☺️ I’m journaling now! I also got this self help guided journal which gives you activities and inspirational quotes. 30 years on any medication is way too long, let alone Clonopin! Shame on your doctor! That’s terrible. Doctors don’t know what they’re doing sometimes 🙄

I journaled for 1 1/2 hours yesterday. It helped. And yes, I totally curse the doctors who kept me on Klonopin for 30 years. They told me it was a good drug. They just flat out lied to me. I feel like they destroyed me.

Awww you did? That’s freakin awesome!! 😀 isn’t it nice to get everything out on paper? Don’t worry you are not destroyed. It’ll get out of your system. Are you replacing it with anything? X

Well, you won't believe this but I went to a new psychiatrist yesterday and he said he thinks I need the Klonopin because my anxiety disorder is so bad. I had a panic attack right then and there in his office at the notion of taking it again. But I took it last night and I did sleep better. And I feel better today. So I don't know what the heck to do.

Whaaaat?? I don’t get it. Do you want to be on klonopin? You have every right to say no. What do you want to do?

I have no idea what to do. All I know is that I'm finally sleeping again being back on it. I'm seeing a second psychiatrist this week for a second opinion. I'm sick about it. But on the other hand, I'm desperate and will do almost anything to sleep and feel better.

There’s nothing wrong to continue the klonopin if it’s working. But I’m glad you’re getting a second opinion!

If something suddenly changed, it was probably an important occurence in your body. Now doctors are not gonna look at your nutritional profile as a reasom why you're suffering massive anxiety. So let me make several suggestions. #1 have them do a blood test concerning your major nutrient level. They need to look at B-vitamins, potassium, magnesium, calcium & vitamin D. Your cortisol level needs checked too because it could be too high. Cortisol is a hormone released by your adrenal glands in response to stress. When it goes overboard it causes anxiety, restlessness, inability to concentrate, mood swings and massive anxiety. I know because it happened to me 15 years ago. I went to a progressive doctor that used herbs and vitamins too. Though it took almost 2 years, he cured me and I made an 85% recovery. About a year ago I got sick and long story/short? I was massively deficient in potassium & Vit D. I had a slight magnesium deficiency too. It's all connected, you know. Your adrenal glands and thyroid should be checked anyway. More information is contained in my other posts and responses to people's problems. I will pray that you have a speedy recovery....

sunlover57 in reply to JEG325

I'm going to email my primary care doctor right now to ask about all of the things you talked about. I'm going to ask about a blood test.

Good. Your doctor may be reluctant to do those tests. But, I would bank on one or more of the things I mentioned being wrong. If nothing else, they can worsen any problem you already have. Stand firm, you have a right to have your doctor do what you want. He works for you, not vice-versa. Stick with it and here's hoping for much improved health in your future.

sunlover57 in reply to JEG325

I emailed my doctor and asked for a blood test for all of the things you mentioned. I immediately got a call from the social worker in his office. She thinks it's a good idea to test for those things and was going to talk to him about it. He has referred me to an integrative medicine doctor, whatever that is.

JEG325 in reply to sunlover57

Integrative medicine covers all aspects of treatment. Supposedly it covers natural treatments, diet and nutrition & the whole spectrum. However it usually is not covered by insurance. You'll have to let me know how it goes. Best of wishes.


Magnesium for sure! Epsom salt baths or magnesium oil on feet before bed. Also ashwaganda powder 400mg in milk and cinnamon before bed.

Thank you. I have magnesium here.

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