anxiety has my mind racing, depression keeps my body slow

my anxiety tells me i need to be constantly doing stuff, it tells me what i need to get done, but those lists in my head just stay put due to my depression. its such a weird mix of thoughts. my body doesnt want to move because its tired and sad but my brain tells me to get off my lazy ass and go get some shit done:( so its the worst of both worlds and i feel like im losing my mind by just sitting here alone in my bed. i havent had a job in over a month but im scared to get one because i know ill freak out because of my anxiety but i really feel the need to be doing something while wasting my life away on the bed. i feel like its too late for me im sorry for the double post just too many thoughts in my mind right now they are boiling

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  • You're not alone! I feel this way too.

  • Me too, soooooo frustrating :-/

  • I've been there. I was in the same position earlier this year; quit my job because of my anxiety and sat at home a lot. You can't be hard on yourself because that will just make both the depression and anxiety worse. I recommend writing your list down and making a goal to do even just one thing on that list a day. And take it from me the more you sit around being "lazy" the more tired you will feel. It seems counterproductive but it's true because moving increases heart rate, improves circulation, releases hormones, the list goes on. Maybe just try going for a short walk or find simple volunteer work. Volunteering good because it gives you some sort of purpose but doesn't put pressure on you. Theses are just suggestions, and I totally understand how depression will make none of these things seem worth it but they really are and it gives you less opportunity to overthink and get your anxiety going. I hope things start to look up for you

  • thank you so much:)

  • when it comes to anxiety if you can , work on not caring about the out come of whatever it happens to be. I know it sounds idiotic but if you quit worrying about what other people are going to think and just do the best you can you will be surprised on some of the stuff you thought would be a disaster turns out good. And if you can't take criticism just remember what that person thinks of you does not matter!! You are going to move on to the next thing whether they like you or not.

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