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At ropes end

I am 67 yrs. old and have had anxiety and depression for many yrs. I worry about health issues too much. I have IBS and stomach problems. I imagine the worst. Taking Klonipin, Buspar, and Effexor. I don't sleep very well. I worry about cancer. Anxiety has about gotten the best of me. Seeing my GP tomorrow. I am on Social Security, but I sure could use some help.

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Are you currently in therapy. Not asking you to divulge more than you want. Maybe focusing on what triggered the depression, anxiety in the first place is a start. There's always an isolated incident that was so stressful or traumatic it broke us & threw us into this vortex of depression, anxiety, etc.

Klonopin very strong not familiar with the other two but with that combo sleep should come easy just from the chemical effects.

I think your fears are founded & warrant a discussion with your GP.

These fears are real for you & they're interfering in your daily life & the ability to live a productive, peaceful life.

Maybe flexeril although quite strong would be something that could help with your IBS.

I wish you all the best

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I am trying to get in a support group. I don't have a therapist yet. Working on it. I have had anxiety and depression for many years, but this is the worst. I will perservere.


Worry is part of anxiety, from my own experience they seem to co-exist. I worry then I become anxious or is it the other way around. Never sure which started first.


Oh, by the way I'm 70ish and still get these attacks. Not on anti-depressants yet. They upset me too much.


I am 61, and also worry about health issues including the ones you said. I feel Ike my digestive system and stomach are messed up. I am trying to take care of it now as I am not working yet. And want to beat any healt care changes. It is good you are seeing your gp.


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