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Anxiety and OCD

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Can anxiety and OCD be related?

I have been dealing with so much anxiety around my children (ages 5 and 3). Primarily (and this sounds crazy, I know), I am terrified they are going to die in a school shooting or other mass shooting incident. I am a school teacher, so I am not sure if that makes it worse or not. But my anxiety is so intrusive and often times is all I can think about (and obsess over). I honestly struggle with enjoying things in the present moment, bc I’m so worried about the next time they’ll go to school, a large public place, etc. I know it’s not healthy and I cannot seem to get a handle on it.

If I am able to briefly distract myself or enjoy something, my mind always finds its way back to my worry. Almost like I’m punishing myself for being “naive” and thinking nothing will happen. I’ve seen ppl mention anxiety and OCD together. I’m wondering if my anxiety is also slightly ocd? Almost like it’s “my normal” to worry and obsess over this.

I am just so scared. All of the time.

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Hi! This sounds really scary and awful to be dealing with. Yes, anxiety and OCD are related (they were once both labeled under "Anxiety disorders" but in recent years OCD became its own category of disorder so yes they definitely have some similarities!)

I would recommend trying to find a therapist and even maybe a support group near you. A therapist could help you try to manage this and live more in the present moment. They may even suggest medication to help.

Thank you so much for your response. I definitely want to speak to someone. And if medicine could help I would def be open to that as well

It does sound like OCD, tbh. We are far more likely to die due to a motor accident or electrocution than in a mass shooting. But I think the reason you dwell on mass shootings is that the other causes of death seem to be more or less preventable; we tend to fear things that we cannot control. Try taking an SSRI or speak to a therapist.

Thank you so much. I totally agree I think the other ones seem to be more preventable, which is why I obsess over the mass shootings. Sorry dumb question, what’s an SSRI?

It's a type of antidepressant used for OCD, depression and a dozen other related psychiatric ailments.

Get emotional help and pills.

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Thank you. I do think I need to speak with someone.

I went thru the same thing when my kids were young!! My doctor put me on an SSRI!! What a blessing!!!

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Giraffe2 in reply to JuneVas

Really? It has helped? I honestly keep thinking medication won’t help bc it’s about the way I think. It made a difference with you?

Oh, yes!! Our thinking can be obsessive and SSRI’s help me have a much more positive outlook and not be so obsessive in my thinking patterns!!

I am very sorry about how you feel! There are many bad news and it can be easy to worry excessively if we are not careful. Anxiety is common and I believe it is a good idea to meet with a therapist or a counselor to determine what is best for you.

I do not know whether anxiety and OCD are related, but a professional will provide you the proper guidance and recommendations for you. I hope you seek help so that you can have peace and good health.

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Thank you, I really appreciate it.

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HisDaughter in reply to Giraffe2

You're welcome! I hope you feel better real soon.

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