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At my end witts


I am new to the forum... I have been suffering with Anxiety all my life, but it has taken a turned for the worst. I have become hopeless and feel like I have fail everyone including myself. Just thinking of leaving my house gives me panic attacks. It has begun to take a toll on everything. Meds gave me adverse reaction and made it worse.

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I totally understand what you are saying. Anxiety is very isolating. I don't think anyone who has never suffered from anxiety could fully understand what we go through. Don't give up!


I hope that you have supportive people around you. Do you know what triggered it initially? Anyway, I have anxiety also, and I am here.


Anxiety is a challenge ! Some things that have helped me through the years has been Deep Breathing ! sounds silly yet if i can focus on just 3 deep breaths at a time - i start to feel a little better and better. I do need to get out of the anxious producing place if i know that where i am is causing me trouble - so that is important when i am doing my best to cope with an anxiety or panic attack. Finding a Safe Place to be for me is Really Important, too. It especially helps when doing the deep breath work. Another thing that has helped me is taking walks in places i feel safe and or taking them with others who are good company for me. Not talking, just walking and looking at nature has been really help full for me thru the years.

Hope my sharing is welcomed as these actions have helped me - along with meditation that involved a quiet room and breathing slow and sure. The Zen meditation actually really helped my overall life. just some thoughts

take good care LA13

realeyes **

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If you haven't already done so, please read Self Help for your Nerves by Dr Claire Weekes. She explains how to cure yourself permanently of anxiety, panic attacks and any other anxiety disorder, all of which are caused by fear and fear alone.

It isn't the places you fear, it is the symptoms of anxiety/panic you fear. This is why sufferers become agoraphobic. They withdraw because they fear a panic attack will come which it surely will if you continue to fear them.

Recovery lies in the places where you feel fear the most and relaxing as much as you can and letting the feelings sweep over you, in the knowledge that it is just a rush of energy which is completely harmless. Let yourself feel the feelings of panic, standing your ground until the feelings subside.

I'm afraid that the safe places you mention don't help because it is an avoidance technique and anxiety simply thrives on avoidance. By retreating to a safe place, you are telling your brain that there is a threat and your fear/flight mechanism (which is designed to protect you in the event of danger and simply doing its job very effectively) watches how you react when panic arrives. If you run, hide or do anything to try and rid yourself of the feelings of anxiety or panic (it's all the same, only the severity is different), you reinforce the message that there is a threat so you continue to feel anxious. Your mind and body stays on full alert. It becomes habit.

By facing up to your fears and allowing yourself to fall into any anxious state without resisting (not running away) your fear/flight mechanism will gradually calm down and the symptoms will fade away. Time will complete the healing process. Your nerves have become sensitised through continuous worry and fear over a period of time which is why you feel panic very easily. By accepting and not fighting or running away, you allow your mind and body the break if desparately needs to recover.

Like I said at the beginning, the book contains all the information above (in much more detail) and will show you the right way to recover naturally so that you no longer fear the symptoms. Once fear is removed, it is only a matter of time before your nerves calm down and the panic attacks disappear.


Thank you everyone for your kind words and support.....Going throug Certain events (grief is one) in my life right now I am feeling very desperate... I am thinking of going through an intensive program... I am not sure.. where to go from now... Today I saw a therapist... I dont know.. I am at lost... I have missed work... I feel like I go out ... everything is panic and its getting me very depressed.


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