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New and needs help

Hi, my name is Skylar and I am 22. I have been suffering from GAD and severe depression for almost 9 years. I've been prescribed a series of medication including Prozac, Paxil, and Zoloft, but never at the same time. When those didn't work, I was prescribed Celexa. It has been working less and less as I continue on it. I get too anxious to go to the doctor because I fear the medical bills. I've been using OXY to get through my day, and I can't sleep without taking a sleep aid, and even with it it's difficult to fall asleep. I'm afraid of what will happen if I stop, but I'm also afraid of what will happen if I don't. I can barely get myself to go out of the house, even when I need to. I don't know what to do. Please help.

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If you don't go to the doctor you can't get the drugs you need and what will you do then? Your drugs may be working less but your Dr. can adjust the dose or add or change the drug to come up with a successful combination. You also need a drug to help you sleep which isn't very difficult to prescribe. You would have to make yourself go to your app'ts. to get this to happen. No matter how you look at this you need your doctor and you need to go to your app'ts.

You should be in counseling where your difficulty leaving the house would be addressed and a solution worked out. Counseling is critical for success. Best of all is that your doctor and counselor should specialize in people your age.

Do you want to be more functional? Do you want to be free to leave your home and to see your psychiatrist? That's half of the battle right there. I hope you do want these things and will fight for them. Maybe you could send me a private message and we could work out a way to contact each other so you can talk with me just before you head in to see your psych Dr. or for some other support that you need. I can do that for you. Think about that and maybe some other possibilities.

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You say you use OXY along with the other meds am not understanding if the OXY is Rx & if so what for. I do know it was given to my dad in final stages of lung cancer it is very potent & very dangerous. I'm not going to assume anything it sounds like you are in a great deal of psychic pain & OXY will definitely alleviate that temporarily until the next dose. Feasibly this doesn't seem like a long term plan & however long you've been taking it you might have addiction withdrawal sx to now worry about as you know I'm sure it is highly addictive & the withdrawal sx are likened to coming off heroin. I hope you are able to find a good support group, psychiatrist, therapist, through your local family agency, mental health, domestic abuse shelters, United way if in US . I would be very careful self administering drugs if they're not prescribed. They can be dangerous even lethal alone or in combination with others. I wish you all the best & hope you find the help you're so desperately seeking.

Best to you



You say that you have been experiencing severe depression and GAD for almost 9 years. Did something traumatic happen in your life at the age of 13?


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